There Lurks the Chinese Warship By James Reed

Here is a report of a Chinese warship that was off the coast of Western Australia, gathering electronic data. It is now apparently sailing north towards  Darwin. And I am not surprised, given that the Port of Darwin has been leased to the Chinese, for what is it, 100,000 years, something like that? I suppose that the warship could dock at Darwin and take on the night life, or at least get some new cleaning gear to get the barnacles off the nuclear missiles.

Defence Minister Peter Dutton has warned a Chinese warship with spy capabilities is lurking off the coast of Western Australia

Mr Dutton held a press conference on Friday afternoon raising the alarm about the vessel which has been tracking 'close' to the coast for the last week or so. 

It was sighted at 0600 hrs this morning, 250 nautical miles north-west of Broome and tracking north-east at 12 knots 

'It's strange timing and it's without precedent a vessel would be so far south,' Mr Dutton said.  'Clearly, its intention is to gather intelligence.'

The vessel's appearance near naval communications base supporting US and allied submarines in the Indian Ocean comes eight days before the federal election.

Mr Dutton added: 'It's obviously very strange that it's come this far south, and it's hugging the coastline as it goes north towards Darwin. 

'Its intention will be to collect as much electronic intelligence as it can - and that's just very unusual. It does cause us concern.

'We haven't seen a ship from the people Liberation Army Navy come this far south.' 

He said China had ripped up the diplomatic rule book by arriving unannounced off the coast like this.

'There is an essentially an international protocol, which would normally include that contact to the Australian authorities which hasn't happened,' he said.”

No, since they intend to rule the world, why should they contact underlings?





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Wednesday, 31 May 2023

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