There is Already Blood By James Reed

     Alt Right and White nationalist intellectuals such as Peter Brimelow, have said that the present cultural war will lead to blood, and in fact, it already has:

     Greg Sheridan, “Patriotism and Resentment Could have Us Seeing Red,” The Australian, June 22, 2017, p. 12,,  says that the “will be blood thesis” is a bit early, but the bulk of his article shows that it is already happening. Here are some extracts from an insightful article.
Note that the point of this is to show that some of the things said at this site are, after some delay, also now being said in the mainstream media, not because we are influencing them, or that they care a jot what we say, but because external circumstances make such matters impossible not to notice. I think the League writers have been the first in Australia to predict the “there will be blood” theme, while the mainstream media, and some freedom types were still thinking about economics and growth, and strategies and theories time-locked in an age that has now passed.

“Take the cases one by one. A little over a week ago a guy with a rifle opened fire at Republican congressmen training for a charity baseball match. The gunman hated Donald Trump and idolised Bernie Sanders.
There is plenty of violence and hatred from both far left and far right in US politics. The Righteous Mind, by Jonathan Haidt, a 2013 book, charted the long-term trend to the various warring tribes in America seeing each other as inherently evil, along with a measurable decline in people who described themselves as centrists.

An earlier book, Coming Apart, by Charles A. Murray, uncovered the quite astonishing way that Americans were sorting themselves out residentially into groups of the like-minded. This was not only by voting pattern but also religious affiliation, income group and leisure activity.”

Sheridan goes on to say:

“Irresponsible, crazy anger on the left is also on the rise, as the shooting of the Republican congressman indicates. The highly exaggerated Black Lives Matter led to the indiscriminate murder of several police, which was itself a critical factor in Trump’s election.
All over the US, left-wing students, often influenced by outside activists, are engaging in fascist street-fighting tactics to silence professors and fellow students who do not genuflect before every crazy piety of identity politics.

What about Britain? The latest terror attack on the innocent worshippers at the mosque in Finsbury Park is in its way potentially a very dangerous development, beyond even the murderous danger of the attack itself. It means that the methods of Islamic State terrorism are spreading beyond those inspired by Islamic State’s ideology.
What has been notable about the vox pop TV interviews out of Britain in the past couple of weeks is the seething, furious anger that everyone seems to feel.”

     He feels that it is likely that Donald Trump will be removed from office early, which will produce more resentment, to put it mildly. As I see it, civil wars, have been started on less combustible fuel. Sheridan concludes, “Certainly, there might be blood,” but the blood has already begun to flow. The question is; how much? It seems that right across the West, the collapse of society is in full swing:
and white liberals, who are not yet being attacked themselves, perched on the higher moral ground, welcome this:

     Peter Craven, “We Surely Live in Dystopian Times,” The Weekend Australian, June 24-25, 2017, p. 21, compares the state of Britain, complete with terrorist attacks and the Grenfell Tower fire, which would not have taken place if better cladding was used, to zombie apocalypse movies such as Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later (2002): A world of horror is unfolding.

     In this context, how much attention should be given to refuting reports, such as the recent one from the Australia Institute, which argues that One Nation is, shock, horror, “anti-Asian, anti-Chinese”

     Gasp, the ultimate, or nearly the ultimate, thought crime in Australia. Well,  so what if PHON is?  Why should we care?  Even within the framework of conventional Enlightenment morality, which is fast evaporating, it seems a pretty minor thing today, like left-over bourgeoisie table manners.



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