The Zombie Economy By Chris Knight

     Health ranger, Mike Adams, over at Natural, is pro-freedom libertarian type, with Christian conservative values, I think. Thus, he opposes the Universal Basic Income, and I suppose the social credit dividend as well, although I found nothing at his site on our form of social credit; of course, he is dead against the Chinese version, bad social credit. However, he does have a point, that Trump paying oil drillers not to drill is crazy, when what should be done, is oil drillers getting the latest protective equipment against the virus. This mentality is leading to zombie economics, even sending free money to the dead, and heaps of errors too:

“What’s being rolled out in all this, of course, is a “zombie economy.” It is characterized by the astonishing fact that federal bailout checks are being sent to dead people. If we don’t stop the rise of the zombie economy with its endless bailouts and government control over markets, incomes and debt, here’s where all this leads: In a zombie economy, everybody is paid to do nothing. All the prices of assets and goods are set by the government to create the appearance of “wealth” when no one is producing anything of value. Homeless millionaires. People living on the street will think they “own” millions of dollars in stocks and pension funds. It’s all illusion, of course, designed to continue the coordinated bankster looting of America which will transfer all the wealth of the working class into the pockets of the politically connected elite. Right now in America, we have “quantity limits” on everyday goods. Soon, they will evolve into price controls. Once that kicks in, there will be horrendous shortages of basic goods such as groceries, gasoline, automobiles and household goods. To create the illusion of affordability, the government will dictate price controls that result in immediate shortages and large-scale black market trading of essential items like toilet paper and garden seeds. One day soon, garden seeds will be “contraband” if sold at non-government prices (i.e. free market prices), and “seed smugglers” will be arrested and imprisoned for trafficking in lettuce seeds or “unauthorized” fertilizer. Grocery stores will become prison camps, with strict item limits, long waiting lines and mandatory biometric identification to make sure people don’t buy “too much” stuff at the government-controlled prices. Essentially, America will become Venezuela.

The president — perhaps Trump, but it hardly matters who — will maintain his popularity by mailing out zombie checks to the zombie masses, essentially carpet-bombing the nation with fake money to try to stay in power over a collapsing system. Very quickly, $2,000 / month won’t buy anything, since the value of the fake currency will plunge with amazing speed. So the masses will demand $10,000 / month just to “meet basic needs.” And the president will dutifully respond with $10,000 / month checks for the masses, unleashing yet more fiat currency chasing the same limited amount of groceries and other goods, leading to yet more price inflation, shortages and starvation. At some point, the desperation of the US Treasury and the Federal Reserve will reach “peak insanity,” and they will announce a full, nationwide refund on all income taxes paid the previous year. Every American who paid federal taxes will receive a refund of what they paid. The money won’t buy much, of course, but the helicopter money carpet bombers in Washington will see no choice but to keep “stimulating” the economy to try to create the illusion of wealth, even though nobody is actually producing anything, since they’re all being paid to stay home and do nothing. When the one-year refund of all income taxes doesn’t restore economic abundance to the nation, they will expand the program to the last 10 years of income taxes. Tens of trillions of dollars in reversed federal income taxes will be injected into the pockets of American (zombie) workers, much like a last desperate shot of adrenaline to the heart of a corpse, hoping to raise the dead. But it will fail for the simple reason that paying people to not work isn’t a funtioning economic model.

In the end, the dollar will collapse. America will crumble. The “president” will be president of nothing. The masses on the East Coast will attempt to rally a large enough riot to hang the bankers who destroy the nation, but they will be too hungry to sustain the effort and will retreat to their crumbling homes, begging for more bailout money so they can afford buy another can of Campbell’s soup to stave off the starvation for another day or two. Once-grand sports stadiums will become homeless camps and tent cities with forced inoculations. Those who bought gold, silver, farmland and firearms will be the new “wealthy.” With the dollar in ruins, the masses will turn to barter, prostitution, theft and begging for their next meal. Large, formerly industrious cities will collapse into filthy shanty towns and tent city landscapes of the diseased and broken. Governors and mayors will fill football stadiums with homeless tents, and FEMA will “manage” the masses with forced inoculations and Soylent Green grub. There will be no elections. There will be no freedoms. You will live as slaves to a system of such extreme corruption and evil that you will beg for a bullet to the temple… but homeless camps will be “gun-free zones,” so your wish will never be granted. Not very far into this scenario, parents will begin pimping out their children to barter for food. The wealthy elite bankers and politically-connected in Washington D.C. — who are never late to the pedophile buffet — will of course make sure they’re all paid with enough gold and silver to bankroll the child traffickers while they pursue their Jeffrey Epstein-inspired lifestyles of debauchery and demonic evil. They’ve been doing this all along, of course, protected by the lies of the media and the deep state “pizza parlor” cover stories. But when the entire nation is turned into one grand quarantine death camp, they won’t need to hide it any longer and the pedolific perversions of the political elite will be on full display as they raise the flag for Satan and demand your obedience to demonic rule.

What are you going to do about it, anyway? You have no money, no firearms, no job, no food, no medicine, no home, no future and no hope. You gave all that up when you agreed to the terms and conditions of the tech giants like YouTube, where many pro-liberty people today still continue to promote their videos because they “earn ad income” from YouTube exploiting their content to promote the toxic products of big business. You sold your soul for a pittance. You surrendered your right to speak and even self-censored in order to earn a paltry paycheck that won’t mean a thing when the dollar collapses anyway.

The mass euthanasia camps
In the end, FEMA will grow tired of feeding and vaccinating and (barely) providing basic medical care for the impoverished, homeless masses. The euthanasia chapter will commence, and those who are categorized as a “burden” on the system will be conveniently dispatched en masse with the appropriate “vaccination” injection or “accidentally” released terminal bioweapon (SARS-cov-51?). The dead will be liquefied, churned into nitrogen and biosludged back onto the functioning food crops, re-injecting all the heavy metals and mercury dental fillings back into the “cycle of toxic insanity” that drove humanity to this madness in the first place. Anyone who tries to expose the mass euthanasia will be de-platformed by the tech giants, accused of inventing “conspiracy theories” and denied food credits on their mark-of-the-beast RFID hand implant chip. With the masses appropriately dispatched through starvation, vaccines, bioweapons and other means of organized murder, the globalists will finally congratulate themselves on “saving the planet from humanity.” With billions of humans gone, and tyrannical control firmly in the hands of the techno-fascist elite, they can move forward with their plans of transhumanism — merging with the machines to finally eliminate any last echoes of the human form and its divine origins.”

     But then, god sent the mother of all rocks to crash into the Earth, putting the transhumans out of business forever. Whether things will become as bad as the above prophecies, or worse, we do not know yet. But what we do know is that this battle has taken on a spiritual dimension, and is the classic one of good versus evil, of God versus the legion of demons. The big question is: will the majority of humanity damn their souls by selling out to the demons, he concludes?



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Sunday, 21 July 2024

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