The Whiteness of Ancient Egypt By Brian Simpson

     I have been reporting on archaeological research which serves to re-moralise Northern Europeans, who have been deracinated and dispossessed by the elites. Recently I have been debating critics who saw ancient Northern Europe as a backwater, and have cited much material to refute this, based on archaeological discoveries. Along the way, one critic mentioned the Afrocentric thesis that the ancient Egyptians were Blacks, in particular Africans, and I referred to the book The Children of Ra by Arthur kemp, to refute this claim:; What is particularly good about this book is that it reviewed the genetic evidence for ancient Egyptians being primarily white.

     New evidence for the Kemp thesis continues to pile up, with scientists finding European DNA in mummies:
The samples studied were between 1400 BC to 400 AD, and in south Cairo.
     Ancient Egyptians were more closely related to Europeans than Africans, and only modern Egyptians are more closely related to sub-Saharan Africans: V. J. Schuenemann (et al.), “Ancient Egyptian Mummy Genomes Suggest an Increase of Sub-Saharan African Ancestry in Post-Roman Periods,” Nature Communications, May 30, 2017, Article No. 15694.



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Thursday, 20 June 2024

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