The White Guilt Complex and How to End It by Paul Walker

British journalist and writer, Melanie Phillips (“Spoilt White Protesters Ease Western Guilt by Piling on Hypocrisy,” The Australian, September 21, 2016, p. 10) has made some insightful comments about the politically correct culture of anti-racism and white guilt. While she gives examples, the most concerning examples are all around us.

Across all Australian universities in courses in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, there is now an unquestioned culture of white guilt. Whites are responsible for all the evils of the past and present; coloured peoples are eternal victims. “Limousine liberals,” or at least Volvo liberals, proclaim to trembling students about “white privilege.”

In my daughter’s Psychology Class there is a compulsory cultural studies component. One older student, a secret member of One Nation, challenged some of these dogmas on evidence-based grounds and statistics, and was savaged by the lecturer and the largely multicult class. No correspondence shall be entered into in the land of political correctness.

Phillips refers to the book by French philosopher Pascal Bruckner, The Tyranny of Guilt, which sees this madness as a product of “pathological Western guilt.” The achievements of white civilisation are negated for the elite need their “clichés about wretchedness of Africa, Asia and Latin America to confirm the cliché about the predatory, murderous West.”

This white guilt pathology is illustrated by Phillips by the example of a white journalist, who in 2001 was attacked in Afghanistan by a gang of young robbers who smashed his face in with stones. The journalist blamed the West for this, for creating the social conditions leading to the attack. As another example, a number of European women, raped by Middle Easterners blamed Europe’s “racism” for the action. “Rapists, not racists.”

As noted by Shelby Steel in White Guilt, such actions in making non-whites eternal victims are actually racist because by making these people non-agents, their  moral personhood and individual responsibility is denied so that they become intractably inferior, while the politically correct fly to highs of (false) moral superiority.

A point to be added to this is that the anti-racist/white guilt/politically correct industry is just that – an industry funded solely out of the taxpayers’ money. As economic conditions become grimmer, and grimmer they shall become, these sorts of luxuries will no longer be affordable. Without money much of this nonsense will disappear, just as a flame needs oxygen to burn.

Phillip does not give an answer to all of this, but I think this is part of the decline and fall of a world view, decadent liberalism and globalism corning it its logical conclusion. Like all tyrannies it will fall and its world will pass away. There will be misery and pain in its ending, and pain in the birth of a new world, but that is the way of life. Unnatural philosophies as poisonous as the political correctness mania, will ultimately be eliminated by natural selection.



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