The Waves of Fukushima by Brian Simpson

The Fukushima nuclear reactor disaster, Japan, may well prove to be a fitting symbol of the plight of the West in late Asianised postmodernity. As reported by Collapse, “From Tiny Sardines, to Behemoth Whales, Fukushima is Claiming Thousands of Lives Off the West Coast,” radioactive waste is causing destruction to marine life on the West coast of the United States.
The sardine population has crashed, threatening populations of higher feeding fish. Whales and dolphins have begun migrating out of season.

Radioactive water has been reaching the West coast since march 2011, but the authorities kept the public in the dark about this for months. At present there is at least 130 tons of “hot” fuel debris at the bottom of the vessel of No. 2 reactor, and it will not be removed until 2021.
Until then, thousands of tons of radioactive water will continue to pour into the oceans, endangering our common future:

Nuclear accidents are virtually “forever,” so it is vital that the Australian public oppose making Australia into the nuclear waste dump of the world.

Our security forces will be hard-pressed to protect us from terrorists who may decide that their apocalyptic plans are best met, by targeting little Australia.



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Tuesday, 16 July 2024

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