The War on Whiteness Continues By Brian Simpson

     A Georgie Soros funded panel has attacked white women, who the Leftoids are now labelling “racist”:

 “Appearing on the Sirius XM Progress Channel’s Make It Plain, three organizers of the anti-Trump “Women’s March” spoke about the need to confront white womanhood itself while attacking any white person who didn’t vote for anti-gun Democrat Doug Jones in the recent Alabama Senate election.
“More white women voted percentage wise for Roy Moore than did for Donald Trump,” the panel’s host breathlessly claims. “So this is why this is such an urgent conversation, such an urgent panel to have quite frankly.”
As noted, “The panel largely centered around making white women feel guilty for their alleged complicity in upholding white supremacy.”

     That is pretty common in Leftoid land, and when the Labor party crunch Turnover, Turnapple, or whatever his name is, and Oprah defeats Trump, we will be seeing the last stages of Western civilisation. Think fall of Rome, only with a greater thud. Students at US universities are already being subject to Clockwork Orange style “disturbing sensory experiences” to drive out the evil spirits of “racism,’ taking us back to primitive times, techno-primitivism: 



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Friday, 12 July 2024

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