The War on Chickens, By Bob Farmer, Dairy Farmer

Richard Miller in London, at the blog today, discusses how in Britain it will be law for anyone owning any poultry, even one bird, to register them. The authorities love registration as it makes it easy for confiscation. Guns are a notable example of this, where the drive is now on to ban what remains of guns held by lawful citizens, by a process of a death of a thousand restrictions.

Apart from that, I note how bird flu has been the reason for the killing of 500,000 chickens in Victoria. This was because of an outbreak on three farms of H7N3 bird flu, with another farm 100km away affected by H7N9. These strains are not even the same as the bird flu which has infected the rest of the world, H5N1. The report below raises the issue that "the chicken farms that were claimed to be infected were so distant from any possible bird source that it was unlikely or impossible to have happened without deliberate intervention or manipulation of testing."

This is indeed very odd, given that there are no cases of H5N1 in Australia, as this would come from birds from Asia, who would just be too tired to make the trip to Oz, if infected. One hypothesis is that this is not a natural occurrence, but has been given a little help, as argued below. I don't know. I just hope that the technocrats do not move on Aussie dairy herds and put me out of the milk business.

"A private government report obtained this week in response to questions over the decision to kill over 500,000 chickens in Victoria, Australia shows that the people making the decision had no verifiable evidence of a high risk infectious outbreak.

The chicken farms that were claimed to be infected were so distant from any possible bird source that it was unlikely or impossible to have happened without deliberate intervention or manipulation of testing.

The CSIRO, the Australian equivalent of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, is the closest possible source of the "outbreak" and it is not the first time they have been involved in the emergence of "new" viruses.

The chicken cull would appear to be a manufactured crisis.

This week I received a copy of a government document sent in response to questions about this unusual event in Australia - the culling of 500,000 chickens:

Now, you might think that isn't that much of a story - after all our food safety is paramount, so if there is a flock of chooks that is infected we need to act early and cull them, right?

Not so fast. Bird flu is called bird flu because it affects birds. And just as the FDA told us that we are not horses (despite having to take this tweet and webpage down after a court order), we are not birds either. So except in rare and odd circumstances (or some psychopathic scientist decides to make it adapt to humans) bird flu is zero risk to the human population. And once that chook has gone through the fryers at KFC any trace of the chookie sniffles will be long gone anyway.

So what event was so catastrophic that half a million chickens had to be culled (that is, killed, not to be eaten but to be disposed of without ever touching the food chain)?

Apparently an outbreak in three farms of H7N3 bird flu1, with another farm 100km away affected by a different H7 strain - H7N9. And according to WAHIS (the animal outbreak monitoring agency) these are the only outbreaks this year in Australia - and they have appeared almost as far South as you can possibly get.

Near a place called Geelong (in the same state as Melbourne).

Now the interesting thing about the city of Geelong for those who pay attention is that it is the home of Australia's version of the Wuhan Institute of Virology - the CSIRO. Which of course is completely coincidental because there are obviously other routes that a bird-borne infectious outbreak can take other than being created by a scientific institute famous for manipulating identifying "novel" bat viruses.

As most bird flus are supposed to originate in Asia here is a nice map view of the route that the infected birds would take to get to Geelong. It's a long way to fly, which may be why there isn't any "naturally occurring" H5N1 (Asian Bird Flu) in Australia2. And if there were infectious diseases coming from Asia, you would see them in Queensland or the Northern Territories first."



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Wednesday, 24 July 2024

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