The Voice: Warren Mundine Goes for a Treaty …Why am I Not Surprised! By James Reed

Warren Mundine was acting as reinforcement for Senator Jacinta Price UNTIL the last few days when he has negatively impacted the “Fair Australia” efforts to achieve a NO vote.  He wants to change Australia Day and is calling for Treaties.  A Treaty is part of the Voice plan and the YES case.  Where is his true loyalty? Well, it must be to the agenda behind the voice, the treaty. Best that we see it all come out in the wash now. The great organisation, the Australian Monarchist League, has comments of some home truthscabut him ia a recent email;

“A year ago we had an online meeting with Warren Mundine following which he was invited to address the AML National Conference in November 2022.  He initially accepted but then withdrew his acceptance.  We then noted that he was serving on one of the Australian Republican Movement's sub-committees.


The Guardian of 17/9/23 reported “Leading No vote spokesperson Warren Mundine has called for the date of Australia Day to be changed, and for multiple treaties with Australia’s First Nations, despite his own campaign raising these as potential “radical” consequences of voting for an Indigenous voice to parliament.”

The fact is, it won’t matter if the date of Australia Day is changed from 26 January, it is Australia Day itself that he and indigenous activists want gone.


We should not forget that this is a person fêted by and beloved of Liberal Party conservatives and others and is potentially in the frontline to be preselected by the NSW Liberal Party to serve out the remainder of Senator Marise Payne’s term of office.


If he gets into the Federal Parliament he will promote a republic from the Senate benches as well as treaties and getting rid of Australia Day.  It is also possible that he will neutralise the good work being done by Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price.


The result of the devastation wrought by the Teals on ‘progressive’ Liberal members in 2022 was that there are more Federal members and senators on the Coalition benches who do not support a republic today than for some decades.  I appeal to those members of the Coalition parties to do whatever you can to ensure that candidates preselected, particularly for safe and winnable seats, are not republicans.


Unfortunately, ALP politicians are forcibly required to support a republic and this will continue until the policy is changed.


I would emphasise that the Australian Monarchist League is not aligned to any political party but it is important that we support those who support us whatever their political colouring.”

Keep up the struggle for the No vote. I have got many people going around, old school style and handing out, fully authorised leaflets. One guy is even a leftist, but he can see the writing on the wall for working class people with the elites and UN getting total control over Australia with all these globalist  polices. To help join Fair Australia:






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Tuesday, 26 September 2023

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