The Vikings and Donnie be All Day By John Steele

     When I can get lap top reception I like to watch the knife reviews of YouTuber, Donny be All Day, a returned US soldier, which strikes a chord with me. He is pro-Trump and patriotic. However, that does not mean he is not impacted upon by politically correct ideology, as in this comment, which illustrates an important point:

“If I were to say things like dreadlocks, gold teeth grills and rap battles, most of you might think, Lil Wayne. But none of you would immediately think of Vikings, or as they called themselves, Ostmen and Austmen meaning east men. They were the first known nation to grow their hair in dreads, use gold teeth coverings and even were known for "flyting", poetic battles. Yes my friends, you can't learn about Vikings from TV. Like how they didn't wear horned helmets, they didn't drink from the skulls of their enemies, they didn't drink blood and they certainly weren't big beefy giants. The average Viking stood about 5'7" and were very thin. They lived most of their lives as farmers and they weren't the purebloods many think. Blood work from DNA samples show a strong mix of Native American DNA. It's amazing what you learn when you don't limit your education to public schooling.” 

     On most of these points he is right, but the claim that there is a strong mixture of native American DNA is just nonsense, based upon romantic primitivism, a new cult centred around native peoples. He simply can’t be right, since only small numbers of Vikings went to America, and many were killed and thus did not mix DNA, only spilt their blood. There is also no evidence of the creation of a multiracial Viking society, although some scientists are pushing this line, just as a while back some pushed the idea that the first Europeans were Black. Brian Simpson attacked this here; no, could not find it our search engine which did not seem to be working. How about Google? Got it! 

     Brian, will be doing a paper attacking the present deconstruction of the Vikings, this long weekend.

PS. Checked the knife site today, and saw that our friend has a rave that race is irrelevant, you know the liberal equality stuff white folks swallowed by the bucket load.

      What a pity no other racial or ethnic group goes for it, and our nativity is ruthless exploited in a Darwinian struggle, especially by our own traitors. Just try selling that line to those burning down America now. And, this liberalism has been tried since the end of World War II, with the result that the West will become majority non-white, with far from race-blind consequences. It will be South Africa everywhere.
Here, this is from a fellow Viet vet and is spot on so far in the civil war 2.0 stakes, confirmed in every news report. We need to move beyond nice sentiments and face cold hard realities.  



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Thursday, 18 July 2024

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