The Vatican and Victimisation Philosophy By Peter West

     With the corona madness, we have not heard much from the Vatican and the Pope crying about the holy of holies, refugees. But, they are back:

“The Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano announced Wednesday that migrants are the “true victims” of the coronavirus pandemic and yet they have disappeared from the news. “Migrants are the true victims of the pandemic: up until a few months ago they were considered the emergency, but now they have disappeared from the news,” the newspaper tweeted Wednesday. The tweet was referencing an article by Roberto Cetera titled “The Forgotten Ones of the Pandemic,” published in Thursday’s issue of the paper. “Three months ago, immigrants were improperly considered the emergency,” the article begins. “Then when a real emergency landed to shake up the peaceful lives of many of us, they were not simply downgraded, they were disappeared. We are speaking about migrants, the invisible, forgotten, anonymous victims of the pandemic.” In his article, Mr. Cetera cites at length Bishop Guerino Di Tora, president of Migrantes, a Church-run pastoral foundation headquartered in Rome dealing with matters of immigration. “The pandemic has put us in a position to do without their services, and we have gotten rid of them, as we do with waste,” Bishop Di Tora declares. “The main problem we see is the loss of the jobs of many migrants, in the agricultural sector, but especially in the area of family services and care for the elderly,” the bishop insists. “It is not just a question of restrictions on mobility, which in theory have never been applicable for care-givers and domestic workers,” he notes. “Rather, to avoid any possible risk of contagion from outside, many families have decided to do without their help.”

     On the contrary, it has been one of the joys of the present Covid- 19 freak-out, as we call it, that borders have not been as open as they once were. While there are obvious New World Order consequences of the Covid-19 pan-demonic, still there is the point that for once borders have been shut, and the refugee guilt industry put on the back burner, without the sky falling in. There is a world beyond the stifling white guilt of refugeeism.



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Friday, 12 July 2024

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