The Vaccine Conspiracy by Mrs Vera West

How “objective” is the so-called scientific evidence used to support vaccines? Mike Adams at, August 9, 2016, pretty much sums up our world today when he says: “Are you surprised by blatant scientific fraud anyone? Every informed person in the world today knows that everything is rigged: the money system, government grants, news media, polls and elections, medicine and even science. In fact, over the last two decades, most “science” has become nothing more than a corrupt system of quackery, fraud, and corporate infiltration of the scientific establishment, where “scientists” are turned into corporate prostitutes to fake whatever results produce the most profits.”

Profound words indeed! Adam goes on to report on the work of the Alliance for Natural Health USA/Brian Hooker, which examined the work of many studies “proving” that vaccines do not cause autism. A statistically significant number of these studies were either (1) directly funded by vaccine manufacturers or (2) the scientists had been paid expert witnesses for Big Pharma in law suits. In other words, there scientists had a massive conflict of interest, that almost certainly biased their work. The ANH USA site has the full review:



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Friday, 12 July 2024

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