The United Nations and Bill Gates’ 50-in-5 Scheme to Impose “Digital Public Infrastructure By Chris Knight (Florida)

The UN, Bill Gates, and the World Economic Forum, among other globalists, have a 50-in-5 plan, to produce Digital Public Infrastructure,” including digital ID, digital currency, and digital wallets, within five years in 50 major developed countries. From that base it will be easy to get all of the planet on-board with the scheme, which carries forward the so-called “Fourth Industrial Revolution” (4IR) of World Economic Forum leader Klaus Schwab.

The goal is nothing short of transforming human nature and identity itself, to fuse biology and the digital world. Freedom, privacy and traditional human values will, by definition disappear, when humans as we know them, are transformed in the transhumanist agenda.

It is hard for most people to comprehend the level of evil embodied here, but one must get one’s head around it if an effective resistance is to be made. There is a good video at the link below from the One America News Network (OAN), to bring actionists up to speed. The globalists have the money, power, and above all else, evil, to do this if unopposed.

“The United Nations and Bill Gates 50-in-5 scheme to impose “Digital Public Infrastructure,” including digital ID, digital currency, and digital wallets, is really a plan to eliminate privacy and liberty worldwide, explains journalist Alex Newman on In Focus with Alison Steinberg of One America News Network (OAN).

The UN-led plan, which involves getting 50 national governments fully onboard with digitization and “digital public goods” in 5 years, aims to create digital systems that are interoperable. The goal is for all of humanity to participate. Will you? If not, what will you do to push back?

Eventually, Newman explains that the evildoers behind the so-called “Fourth Industrial Revolution” (4IR), such as Klaus Schwab, hope to see a “fusion” of people’s digital and biological identities. The implications should alarm all who care about privacy, freedom, and civilization.

Liberty-lovers must get to work to expose this evil now before we find ourselves trapped. Start by educating yourself, and then take action to educate others.”




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Sunday, 23 June 2024

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