The Unanswered Scream: Poland and Abortion by Mrs Vera West

This is a story that I have put off covering for some time because it upset me so: “Poland Considers Banning Abortion after Baby Born Alive Dies Screaming for an Hour,” at
The baby in Poland was born after two botched abortion attempts and was left by hospital personnel to scream for an hour before dying. No anaesthetics or care was given to the baby. A polish reporter who broke the story said:

“The scream of this child was so traumatic for the personnel that they declared that they will never forget it.” The incident, thankfully, is now fuelling an abortion debate in Poland, a Catholic country where 70 percent of people are pro-life.

The Polish reporter who broke the story concluded: “This case has shown something which was covered by silence – I mean the scream of a baby dying in pain because of abortion. Every abortion means pain for the child killed in the womb… Abortions really do know what they are doing. They really do know, and they lie in saying that the unborn child is only a bunch of cells that it doesn’t feel anything. This scream of a baby that we heard in Poland exposed all these lies.

People are angry – angry at the medical doctors, angry at the politicians, angry at media because of pro-abortion propaganda, angry at the whole political system. They really do want change.”

There is no doubt that botched abortions occur all over the world: one figure is 491 babies born alive in Canadian abortions from 2000-2009 and also left to die with no medical care. Obviously enough, this is an inconvenient topic for feminism so we don’t get media coverage on it.
Will this, along with other sins lead to God’s harsh, but just judgment upon an arrogant and unrepentant segment of humanity?



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Wednesday, 24 April 2024

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