The Tyranny of Australia’s Digital ID By James Reed

While the government kept pushing the line that the digital ID was purely voluntary, like the Covid vax, we know that the inevitable will be that organisations will make it a requirement, regardless of the law. Thus, even though the Covid pandemic has passed, there are still Covid vax requirements to work in health care facilities, even to do student placements as a psychologist. The Digital ID will be made de facto compulsory by the devious device of preventing access to government services, banking services, air travel and major purchases for any Australian who does not have a Digital ID. And the government now has a convenient way of controlling dissents, by simply cancelling hem as was done with the Canadian truckers.

At this point I do not have an answer about where to go now; we will simply have to be careful, and hold out as long as possible. Going off grid looks better by the day, but how many of us can do that?

"As much as the Government attempts to downplay the importance of introducing a single central digital identifier for all Australians, the truth is that this legislation is the most significant I've encountered during my time in the Senate.

It's the glue that holds together the digital control agenda by which every Australian will be controlled, corralled, exploited and then gagged when they speak or act in opposition.

The government knows Digital ID will be compulsory by the device of preventing access to government services, banking services, air travel and major purchases for any Australian who does not have a Digital ID.

The Digital ID will, in effect, create a live data file of your movements, purchases, accounts and associates containing reference to every piece of data being held in the private and government sector as a first step in a wider agenda. Tech giants have been building huge data files on every Australian for years.

Those huge data files that contain every website you visited, every post you made on their social media, everything you have ever bought online. Keywords scanned from conversations overheard by Siri and Alexa in your home are now unmasked.

Until now, that data was anonymised using a unique identifier rather than name and address, which has always been there as well. However, tech companies were not allowed to use it or share data with others that included the person's name and address. Until Now.

Look for the tech giants to ask for your Digital ID as a requirement of using their service. The point of that exercise is to ensure they put the right name on the right data treasure trove.

This is why the Liberal Party have moved amendments to the Digital ID Bill to bring private corporations into this roll out earlier. All those treasure troves of data worth billions, trillions, that have been accumulated for years illegally, by retailers, tech and data companies – all that unrealised profit just sitting there has been too much of a temptation for the Liberal Nationals to resist and is now joined with Labor in pushing Digital ID.

There will be no escape from the digital ID.

Australians now have a digital version of "papers please" and Australians will never be the same." 



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Monday, 22 April 2024

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