The Triumph of Trump - Let the Battle Begin!

Most of the “cultural war journalists" at this site had been busy working on a post-US election special which was to analyse how electoral and political corruption brought Trump down. But to our surprise and delight, a lot of this analysis is now only historically relevant given Trump’s heroic and epic victory, and of course, the triple whammy of Republicans also achieving a majority in both the US House of Representatives and the Senate.

We felt, given the utterly enormous amount of corruption within the American Establishment, that Trump could not get over the line; that it would be close, but the elites would steal the election. Although we were well aware of the Brexit effect given recent attempts to undermine it, we felt the globalists would not make the same mistake twice. And yet they did.
The opinion polls, with their sham claim of “statistical representation” based on samples of a few thousand, and the smoke and mirrors of shonky mathematics, were wrong! The arrogant chattering class were completely wrong! 

US celebrities were in tears. But the award for the most politically correct offended face goes to our own Malcolm Turnbull, who was caught looking at his smart phone just at the moment the news of the Trump win erupted. Lips curled, he looked like a man who had just fallen face first in muck. Enjoy Mr. Globalism!

The lesson in all of this is that there is hope in fighting back against a corrupt rule by the globalist elites. They can be defeated. But the elites are now going to undermine Trump and this victory by bringing about social and economic chaos, if not collapse, in every way that they can. 

Australia came out of the last GFC relatively easily, without the scenario of people flung into the streets as in the US, and especially Greece. This time round there is no mining boom, and the property bubble in Sydney/Melbourne, fuelled by the excessive immigration program, is set to burst.

The League is well equipped to comment and offer direction on this coming crisis, and suggest strategies that may help in the tempestuous times that are certain to come.

Today the American people have decided to regain control of their country from the elites. They, in effect, have rejected both major parties and gone with Donald Trump. Britain has also voted for BREXIT.  Australia, as a result of the recent federal election, has set this parliament up for significant change for the better. The battle lines have been drawn. There are tough times coming, and it is important that readers are able to offer answers to their local communities in the coming battles and skirmishes ahead.



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Tuesday, 21 May 2024

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