The Trilateral Commission Built Communist China, for the New World Order, By James Reed

Here is a brief extract from the text by Anthony C. Sutton and Patrick Wood, The Genesis of Modern Globalization (1978). The book details how the globalists were able to put into place their plan, which today is nearing completion of the New World Order. The trilateral Commission was a champion of the build-up of communist China, because they wanted to divide the world into three regions, which is the sort of thing those organisations do, to make control somewhat easier, but all remain under their control. While there is now other globalist organisations with similar agendas, such as the World Economic Forum, the Trilateral Commission advanced the globalist objectives quite substantially, as the book shows.

"The following text is from The Genesis of Modern Globalization, written by Antony C. Sutton (1925-2002) and myself in 1978. We nailed it then, and I continue to nail it today. Thanks to Zbigniew Brzezinski and David Rockefeller (founders of the Trilateral Commission in 1973), China morphed into a Technocracy by at least 2000. Read Brzezinski's Between Two Ages: America's Role in the Technetronic Era, "originally prepared under the auspices of the Research Institute on Communist Affairs, Columbia University."

Why nobody cares is beyond me because they are still actively pushing it today. Current Trilateral Commission members currently in the Biden Administration are:

  • Ajay Banga, President of the World Bank
  • Douglas Beck, Director, Defense Innovation Unit, U.S. Department of Defense
  • Anthony Blinken, U.S. Secretary of State
  • Lael Brainard, Director, National Economic Council
  • Mark Brzezinski, U.S. Ambassador to Poland
  • R. Nicholas Burns, U.S. Ambassador to China
  • Joseph Kennedy III, U.S. Special Envoy to Northern Ireland for Economic Affairs
  • David Lipton, First Deputy Managing Director, International Monetary Fund
  • Scott Nathan, Chief Executive Officer of the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC)
  • Wendy Sherman, U.S. Deputy Secretary of State
  • Jake Sullivan, U.S. National Security Advisor
  • Richard Verma, Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources

Especially note the Secretary of State, the Ambassador to China, the Director of the World Bank, Deputy Director of the International Monetary Fund and the National Security Advisor. You can't make this stuff up!


While continuing "cooperative management" with the U.S.S.R., Trilaterals propose to build up Communist China. Trilateralist policy is clear-cut. The West must aid the construction of Communist China: this is expressed in AN OVERVIEW OF EAST-WEST RELATIONS (Triangle Paper No. 15 p. 57) as follows:

"To grant China favorable conditions in economic relations is definitely in the political interest of the West" adding ". . . there seems to exist sufficient ways for aiding China in acceptable forms with advanced civilian technology."

Triangle Paper 15 also adds:

"The situation is different. . .where arms supplies or advanced military technologies are concerned, except for types of equipment that by their nature serve purely defensive purposes." (page 58)

In fact, as we shall see later. Trilateral firms have exported even advanced military technology to Communist China." 



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