The Threat to Freedom, Yet Again By Peter West

     We have been pounding away in these pages about the undermining of the value of free speech in the West. In case readers think that all this this is some personal quirk, I introduced “The Australian” test; if you can find the same sort of argument, no doubt more mildly put, in that globalist newspaper, then you know that we are onto something.

     So, on free speech consider Jennifer Oriel, “Political Correctness is Closing Australian Minds,” The Australian, September 25, 2017, p. 12:

“When politicians conflate free speech and physical harm, people come to believe that violence is a righteous response to free speech. Increasingly, politicians are conflating politically incorrect ideas and violence as part of populist campaigns for social reform.
PC populism is fostering a culture hostile to political dissent and the core principles of liberal democracy.
In the US and Australia, sections of the left have become isolationist by rejecting the enabling principles of liberal democracy such as free thought and political diversity….
For decades, free thinkers have warned about the corrosive effect of political correctness on Western culture and democracy. In his best-selling book The Closing of the American Mind, Allan Bloom predicted that politicising the curriculum would rob students of their capacity to reason. As a consequence, they would be ill-prepared to advance democracy.
In Intellectuals and Race, Thomas Sowell analysed the negative impact of race politics on university culture and academic performance. In Tenured Radicals, Roger Kimball demonstrated how political correctness had corrupted the purpose of higher education. Numerous books and studies published since demonstrate the importance of teaching students how to think. Yet the preference for politically correct pedagogy and curriculum persists.
The gradual closing of the Western mind has left the liberal foundations of modern democracy in a state of disrepair. Recent research by the Brookings Institute found that half of undergraduate students think it is acceptable to silence speech they feel is upsetting.
The claim that free speech causes actual harm is creating a counter-reaction where violence is considered an appropriate response to words that offend. The conflation of speech and harm is codified in laws such as section 18c of the Racial Discrimination Act. However, the culturally corrosive idea is spreading to other areas of policy and legislative reform.”

     Indeed, it is, as we are seeing with the political conflict – let us not call it a “debate” – over same sex marriage which has become a totem symbol for the new class. To be in the “in-group” is to be a Yes-person. Free speech is now equated with violence. Why? Could it be that the Left are yearning for violence, and performing violent acts, because they were never disciplined as spoilt children, which they remain throughout their life? Or, are the motives psychologically  deeper, lying in Freud’s territory, perhaps not being properly toilet trained? That would explain why the antifa like throwing condoms of their waste products at anyone they disagree with, like howler monkeys:
     Apologies to the beautiful howler monkeys.
     Perhaps evolution is now running in reverse, with humans devolving to more primitive life forms?



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Sunday, 21 July 2024

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