The Threat of the Educated White Liberal Woman! By Mrs. Abigail Knight (Florida)

!Normally only conservative women dare to write on this topic, as even from our side "white knight" males may feel that they need to defend White university educated women, rather than call them out at their own game. However, Jack Cashill, "January 6, Covid Stir the Fascist Soul of the Educated Liberal Female," is a male who dares to tread in this territory, although he does not go far enough.

Cashill only slightly exaggerates in viewing the New Class of White, university educated women as the "single greatest threat to our enduring liberties." Personally, I agree that such women are a severe threat, but it is a mistake to compile a type of demonic hit parade of the evils, since they are all interrelated, and have a common cause. But, Cashill gives some useful information about how one person speaking at the January 6 protests, Dr. Simone Gold, who had worked with America's Frontline Doctors was arrested and given a prison sentence merely for giving a Covid critical speech at the US Capitol building. She was later attacked by numerous White liberal women in the press, and none came to her defence, as she had violated the sacred Covid religious faith.

The example is best seen as an illustration of the Covid tyranny, as the same thing would have happened to a man. Perhaps a better illustration of Cashill's thesis is how the trans agenda, also comprising the university educated women, however defined, turned upon female critics of trans women competing in women's sports, and J. K. Rowling's ongoing battle, that could have led to her imprisonment under the insane Scottish hate laws. It really is a case now of the children of the revolution eating the parents of the revolution.

All this is way beyond the conservative critique of feminism of say the late 20th century, of undermining the family and so on. Now, with almost 50 percent of marriages ending in divorce, we are in the endgame era of the deconstruction of manhood and womanhood itself.

"In researching my new book, Ashli: The Untold Story of the Women of January 6, I discovered something unexpected: an alarming confirmation of my September 2022 article in which I argued that Educated Liberal Females (ELFs) are the single greatest threat to our enduring liberties.

My new book deals specifically with the ELF's natural foes, the women of January 6. Among the ten women I profile is Dr. Simone Gold. Even before getting caught up in the events of that memorable day, Dr. Gold had set the ELFs on edge through her work with America's Frontline Doctors, a group she founded.

An M.D. as well as a lawyer, Dr. Gold, 55 at the time, went to Washington not to protest the election but to address the issue of medical freedom. She had secured a permit to speak at a venue on the east side of the Capitol, but when organizers cancelled the event, Gold decided to give the speech on the Capitol steps. The daughter of a Holocaust survivor, she did not readily surrender her right to speak freely.

Standing at the top of the steps on the Capitol's east side, Gold got swept into the building when the doors opened from the inside, and the crowd surged forward. Finding her way to the rotunda, Dr. Gold stood on the base of a statue to speak. Someone passed her a bullhorn, and several people came over to listen. Following her five-minute speech, she took questions. After twenty or so uneventful minutes in the Capitol, Gold exited the building, having seen no violence or vandalism.

Along with 1200 or so other citizens, Dr. Gold was hunted down by the FBI in the most sweeping series of arrests on American soil since the notorious Palmer raids of a century ago. Twelve days after January 6, roughly 20 agents came knocking at her Los Angeles door with a battering ram.

"They arrested me," she told Tucker Carlson. "They [yell], 'put your hands up, put your hands up, face the wall, face the wall,' they're screaming, 'face the wall' -- handcuffed, shackled, take me downtown, orange suit, strip search, holding cell, fluorescent lights, -- it was terrible -- no phone call, no Miranda rights."

Threatened with a 20-year sentence if she took her case to trial before a rubber-stamp D.C. jury, Gold reluctantly accepted a plea deal. For a single misdemeanor charge, she was sentenced to 60 days at the Miami Federal Detention Center, a maximum-security prison. This was an unusually severe punishment for a single misdemeanor, even by January 6 standards.

On March 9, 2022 the New York Times celebrated Gold's impending imprisonment in an article headlined, "A doctor prominent in fomenting opposition to Covid vaccines guilty to riot charges." The article's subhead described America's Front Line Doctors as "a group that spreads pandemic misinformation." That same subhead claimed Gold "stood by as a Capitol Police officer was assaulted." Video released after the fact would show that the officer fainted and was helped back up to his feet by the protestors. The prosecution knew this at the time of Gold's plea deal -- the officer had admitted as much to the FBI -- but she did not.

When the Times posted the plea deal story on its Facebook page, America's frontline Karens queued up to take a whack at the Gold piñata. For the researcher, Facebook is a useful and easily mined resource. All those who comment have a Facebook page in their own name, and on that page is enough personal information to assess, in general terms, the person's background. The article elicited more than a thousand comments." 



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Wednesday, 12 June 2024

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