The Texas Law Suit is Burnt by SCOTUS By Charles Taylor

The US Supreme Court threw out the Texas law suit without even listening to the case. Of course, it is on a constitutional technicality. Apparently, the State of Texas did not have standing, the right to put the case. That is pretty incredible, bs in fact, to be put along with the finding that homosexual marriage was justified by the constitution. That states do not have standing, a legal interest in the results of a presidential election, defies reason and common sense. It is a highly suspicious decision.

I predict that no matter what evidence of fraud is put forward, even if every Democrat confessed in writing, SCOTUS will still throw Trump’s case out. The legal system is under control of the Deep State and does what it is told, whether they are conscious of this or not; they soon get a feel for what the elites expect. It will be hard for normies to wake in fright and see that the entire system is corrupt, taken over and alien, and has been for a long time.

For balance, here is Dr Steve Truly giving an optimistic view, since he still believes in the system:

Absolute evil is never defeated by courts and votes, as history shows. The first step must be martial law, and military courts to sort this mess out. Civil society is far too decayed and corrupted. And, if the normies want to survive they need to challenge the system, and scare the elites, more than the Left did in 2020, all legally of course. How about 70 million people outside the SCOTUS building? SCOTUS is so far decayed that it seems willing to allow Biden to stack this court, and destroy it as an institution. Yes, it does not want to be involved, so a military court needs to replace it in this issue. Then people need to begin draining the swamp, which is now the whole society, and the West in general.

 Start with mass strikes, and especially of truckers, and shake the system. If this was the 1860s we would already have civil war. If Biden is allowed in, then secession of the US must be made. Time for the Great Divorce.

Nice comments from an ex-army patriot and knife guy, Donnie Be All Day, who represents the awakening normie.

“Remember when a single and ANONYMOUS "whistle blower" caused a fake impeachment that cost the country BILLIONS to "investigate" that Trump then beat after proving it was all made up? But now 1000s of sworn affidavits from named persons risking federal prison from threats of perjury are all of a sudden not worth investigating" Remember how ever liberal pussy argued and bitched for all 4 years of Trumps presidency and bitched even more when they were reminded Trump won FAIRLY and were told to get over it? Remember the "never Trump" and "not my President" movements that are still going on? Remember the false stories of collusion and hookers? For four years all you piece of sh*t democrats fought Trumps legal and fair presidency. But now your own scumbag party says yeah there was fraud, but it's not enough to matter even though the CONSTITUTION says that ANY fraud means the candidate is disqualified, but your only response is, get over it? So when American Patriots defend the constitutional law of this nation, THEY are the ones who are wrong???? Holy sh*t! Hell cannot wait for its new liberal wing to be finished because you guys are filling it up!! Get over it.”






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Thursday, 18 July 2024

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