The Temporary Morgues of the UK By Richard Miller (London)

Here is another disturbing sign of these Covid vax times. The unprecedented excess mortality in the UK has led to temporary morgues springing up like proverbial mushrooms across this once green and fertile land. Deaths have risen, even though the authorities admit that Covid deaths have dropped; they need to do so if they are to maintain the standard Covid narrative that the vaxxes are actually doing something. The health authorities have no set answer to the excess death issue, some blaming lack of access to health care, others climate change, or racism. None of the mainstream are doing actual scientific hypothesis formation and looking for a common cause, unique to the past two years. It cannot be Covid, by their own admission, so that only leaves the vax. Lack of access to health care has been a problem for many years, and climate change … well, no, not really, that is just too weird to explain the fact that temporary morgues are now here.


“The unprecedented increase in deaths has prompted the construction of temporary morgues in various locations throughout the UK, including tourist hotspots and airports.

The Gateway Pundit reported last year that the death toll in England and Wales continues to rise, even though Covid-related deaths have dropped.

As a result, health experts have requested an immediate investigation into the source of the rising non-Covid excess death.

Health experts are still looking for answers and have called for an urgent investigation. They believed that the pandemic response, lack of access to healthcare, and even the cost of living crisis might be to blame.

In short, health experts were “baffled.”

Top British cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra, a highly esteemed, award-winning NHS consultant cardiologist, stated that the deaths were likely linked to the experimental mRNA COVID vaccines.

recent report claimed 50,000 excess deaths were reported in 2022 compared to a normal year. The excess deaths in the UK last year was the worst in 50 years.

Dr. Aseem Malhotra joined the BBC this week to discuss the shocking number of excess deaths recorded in Great Britain this year.

“This is probably a contributing factor. The mRNA COVID vaccines do carry a cardiovascular risk. And I’ve actually called for a suspension of this pending an inquiry because there is a lot of uncertainty at the moment on what is causing the excess deaths,” Malhotra said.

Now, temporary morgues are being used as overflow space by hospitals in the UK with full morgues.


This news broke just days after a nationwide alert about “mortuary capacity issues” was issued by the Human Tissue Authority, the agency in charge of regulating the storage of human remains.

These temporary morgues, which consist of large shipping containers, are being set up in public places like office parks, the Mirror reported.

According to The Sun, vehicles from hospitals such as Salisbury District Hospital in Wiltshire and Royal Liverpool Hospital delivered bodies to the council gritting yard, which has a refrigeration unit guarded 24/7.”                       



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Friday, 24 March 2023

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