The Systematic Rapism of the System By Mrs Vera West

It troubles me deeply that according to some estimated, up to one million white British children, were, and probably still are groomed and raped, with the police, so ever-ready to bash people not Covid-politically correct, turned a blind eye because “muh racism.”

“To see what that question is, let’s look at a simple allegory that even leftists should be able to understand. Suppose that next week a British journalist comes across a small lake in Yorkshire called Rotherpool and discovers that left-wing ecologists began enriching it in the 1950s by introducing piranhas to its boringly bland waters. Anyone who objected to the piranha-enrichment on behalf of native fish was accused of vile speciesism and sternly lectured that all fish are the same under the scales. The journalist investigates further and discovers that, sure enough, the piranhas have been preying savagely on native fish right since their introduction. Meanwhile, left-wing ecologists and fish-wardens helped the piranhas by either ignoring their predation or actively suppressing news of what was going on. The journalist does his job, informs the British public, and a scandal erupts about the ecological disaster visited on Rotherpool. But that isn’t the end of the scandal. There are much bigger lakes elsewhere in Yorkshire: Sheffmere, Bradwater and Lake Leeds. The journalist and his colleagues naturally investigate whether piranha-enrichment has been going on there too. Indeed it has and the journalists discover that even bigger ecological disasters have taken place in those bigger lakes — and in truly giant lakes elsewhere in Britain. The allegory is ridiculous, of course: leftists would never introduce dangerous alien species like piranhas into British lakes. And they certainly wouldn’t pretend that all fish are the same under the scales and that “species” isn’t a valid scientific concept. Leftists aren’t irrational, stupid and malign people, after all. They don’t want to cause or conceal horrendous unnecessary suffering. At least, they don’t when it comes to important native creatures like fish. But when it comes to unimportant native creatures like the White working-class, leftists are happy to both cause and conceal suffering on an endless and industrial scale.”

On the contrary, the Left are deranged enough to do this even with fish, simply think about the damage that they are contemplating doing with climate change and the utter destruction of Western civilisation.

“The former detective who blew the whistle on historic failures within Greater Manchester Police has slammed a national child abuse inquiry.

Maggie Oliver, who resigned from GMP in 2012 to expose the Rochdale grooming scandal, claims two thirds of a witness statement she gave to the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse was not used.

Maggie, who launched the The Maggie Oliver Foundation to provide education, legal advice and therapy for people who have been affected by child abuse, says she was denied giving live evidence and speaking in public at the inquiry, which was set up by the government because of serious concerns that some organisations had failed and were continuing to fail to protect children from sexual abuse.

It was set up after investigations in 2012 and 2013 into the Jimmy Savile sexual abuse scandal.

Maggie, who spoke out on the ITV chat show Loose Women as a supporter of the show's Never Too Late To Tell campaign, said she asked to participate in the inquiry as 'non-institutional core participant' but feels she and others have been overlooked.

However the inquiry told Loose Women that the chairman had 'carefully considered' Maggie's submission and said victims and survivors are at the 'heart of all our work.'

Maggie said: "There is a massive imbalance in the witnesses, or the participants that have been called, and it meant that the vast majority of the time was being given to those organisations who have failed and still failing victims and survivors of child sexual exploitation and grooming gangs," she told the Loose Women panel.

Maggie says she 'repeatedly' asked for the opportunity to participate in person and was finally allowed to give a witness statement.

"I provided a 58-page witness statement and I wanted to give live evidence to the inquiry, which was denied," she said.

"Every non-institutional core participant was denied permission to speak in public in the inquiry.

"Forty pages of my statement were deleted, all the statements were hidden behind numbers and symbols on the website."


What this represents is the nadir of racial suicide, ethno-machoism taken to the limit. The West is in terminal decline at this point, and we face an existential crisis of survival



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Sunday, 21 July 2024

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