The Suiciding of Youth By Mrs Vera West

     Having recovered from the election I am back on deck reporting on health and social issues. And, surely one of the most worrying symptoms of social angst is suicide, especially youth suicide which can be taken as a measure of social stress in a society, for if the young kill themselves in high numbers, something must be drastically wrong. And it is:

“Suicide rates among young girls are surging in the US and catching up to the number of boys that take their own lives, new research finds. Men and boys have always been at greater risk of dying by suicide - although attempts are more common among girls and women - but that gap is closing. Since 2007, the suicide rate among girls has increased at nearly twice the rate that boys' suicides have. And girls are choosing more violent means, like hanging and choking, to take their own lives than they have in the past, a worrisome departure, according to Nationwide Children's Hospital researchers.”

     There is no doubt many reasons for this rapid increase, including the role of social media and cyber bullying, increased expectations of academic success and demands, and of course, the general collapse of morality, norms and everything that once held society together. The most important factors though are economic uncertainty and looming unemployment, the feeling that the young have that the boomers have simply wasted the social capital that future generations needed. And they are right. Hence the need to get the economy and finance in order, as the experts at this site are doing. And a great job they are doing too, not that I understand any more than the basics of social credit, but hopefully that is better than nothing.


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Saturday, 13 August 2022