The Smallpox Vaccine Exposed (It’s Made a Comeback with Monkeypox) By Brian Simpson

I emailed a few anti-vaxxes for information critical of the smallpox vax, historical stuff, but got no reply; people are busy, busy, busy. But then Mike Adams comes out with what I was looking for, a debunking of the poster-child of the vaccine movement. I read that the majority of people were not vaccinated against smallpox, so it cannot be claimed that the vax saved the day. Anyway, here is historical material indicating that the smallpox vax had a high number of adverse effects, something not matched until the Covid vaxxes. And the smallpox vaxxes are making a comeback with monkeypox. Don’t you think it strange that only a few years back it was said that smallpox had been eliminated, and only two samples were kept, one in Russia, and one in the US? And now, there are smallpox vaccines ready to go?

“The easiest way for the vaccine industry to sell the world on the most dangerous form of “medicine” is to erase the history of its dismal performance, and the data that reveals the risks far outweigh the benefits. Let’s dial it back to the true data about smallpox that was registered in official reports with the Registrar General of England. When you see the real data, the biggest question of all will propose itself to you: Would you still consider vaccinations of any sort if you knew that the number of vaccine-induced deaths was equivalent to, and often greater than, the number of deaths from the infectious disease the vaccine was supposed to prevent? Plus, if you have children, you’re about to find out that for kids under 5 years of age, the vaccine is MUCH riskier than smallpox itself. This requires careful consideration.

Compulsory smallpox vaccine program in England caused massive epidemic outbreak, while the vaccine itself killed 3 times more children than the virus itself

In 1906 in England, there were 21 deaths recorded from the smallpox (variola) virus, yet there were 29 deaths recorded from the smallpox vaccine. One year later, there were 10 deaths recorded that were caused by the virus, and 12 deaths caused by the smallpox vaccine. The next year? More deaths caused by the vaccine than the virus, again. Over the next decade, for children under 5 years of age who received the smallpox vaccine, there were 128 deaths recorded that were caused by the toxic jab, yet only 34 deaths caused by the virus in that same time period.

Dial it back even further, in early 1830s, and we see that there were massive outbreaks in Germany where 995 vaccinated people caught smallpox in Wurtemberg. That same year, 2,000 people in Marseilles, France, who were fully vaccinated caught smallpox. By the late 1850s, vaccination in England was enforced with fines for not getting jabbed, yet the smallpox epidemic that began right after that force-vaccination campaign, killed 14,000 people.

The more people that got vaccinated after that in England, the more severe the epidemic that would break out. By 1863, smallpox had claimed over 33,000 lives, despite mass vaccination programs enforced across the country. By 1865, a second epidemic claimed another 20,000 lives, so what’s the use of the vaccine, to CAUSE outbreaks? Then, from 1870 to 1872, another epidemic wave claimed over 44,000 lives in England, yet still, the mass vaccination program ensues, inflicting chaos, confusion, panic and taking lives by the tens of thousands. Sounds a lot like the COVID-19 vaccination program now.

By 1907, England‘s compulsory vaccination program is repealed and labeled a grotesque failure

How many Americans today know the true history of the smallpox vaccination programs that cost more lives than the virus itself? The carnage continued on, into the early 1900s. In England and Wales, smallpox had only taken the lives of about 100 kids for the two decades from 1910 to 1930, yet the vaccine killed 270 kids under 5 years old. You can’t call that “safe and effective,” or say the “benefits outweigh the risks.” Improved living conditions, hygiene, plumbing and sterilization techniques had all but wiped out smallpox, but the corrupt medical industry still had a cash cow called “vaccination,” so they kept lying and kept spreading propaganda.

What most people never realize, because the data and even clinical trial results are hidden, warped or erased, is that the historical trends show that serious infectious disease outbreaks and epidemics most often occur in the most heavily vaccinated countries and regions around the world.

We’re witnessing that today with COVID-19 “vaccines,” as the most vaccinated countries, like Israel, have the biggest per-capita outbreaks after most of the populace is “fully vaccinated” against it. The proof is in the pudding, as they say, and this is some toxic pudding to be injecting into people, especially children.

The safest and most effective way to prevent contraction, transmission and death from infectious diseases, including smallpox, measles and COVID-19, is NOT vaccination, but rather basic sanitation, hygiene and nutrition. Never underestimate the power of superfoods, organic foods, vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements to boost natural immunity, the strongest kind. Even the CDC admits this is true about natural immunity.”

“Smallpox Statistics We Were Meant to Forget

Many people are starting to catch on to the dangers inherent in vaccination, but too few realise at present that there is no shortage of instances where far more harm is done than presumed “good.” We venture right back to the beginning of the 20th century in England and find that there are similar numbers of vaccine-induced deaths to smallpox deaths, except in the case of children under 5 yrs of age, where the vaccine proved much riskier than smallpox itself. See below.4

Vaccine Deaths versus Smallpox Deaths – Data from Reports of the Registrar General of England

1906: smallpox (SP) deaths = 21, vaccine deaths = 29

1907: SP deaths = 10, vacc. Deaths = 12

1908: SP deaths = 12, vacc. Deaths = 13

1905-10: SP deaths = 199, vacc. Deaths = 99.
Deaths from SP in children under 5 yrs = 26, vacc. = 98

1911-13: SP deaths = 42, vacc. Deaths = 31.
SP deaths in children under 5 yrs = 8, deaths from vacc. = 30

Let’s not forget:

1831: there is a smallpox outbreak wherein 995 vaccinated (yes, vaccinated) people developed the disease in Wurtemberg, Germany.

1831: 2,000 people in Marseilles, France, who have received smallpox vaccination develop smallpox.

1854: England legislates for compulsory vaccination; widely opposed by eminent doctors.

1857-59: Vaccination in England is now enforced by fines, much to the disgust of rational medical men around the country who vigorously oppose it. Thus begins the smallpox epidemic of England that lasts until 1859, killing over 14,000 people.

1854-63: Smallpox has claimed over 33,000 by this point, following compulsory vaccine program.

1863-65: England’s second major epidemic strikes, claiming 20,059 lives.

1870-72: England’s third major epidemic claims 44,840 lives, the worst of the three which occurred following compulsory vaccination.

1907: Compulsory vaccination is repealed as the grotesque failure is too obvious to disguise or “spin” with methods available at the time.

1910 – 1933: in England and Wales combined, only 109 kids under 5 yrs died of smallpox; 270 died from vaccination. It’s estimated there were around 40 million people in the UK in 1910. Improved living conditions had all but wiped smallpox out despite the vaccine-induced epidemics.

Repeat after me: “Safe and effective, safe and effective…”

Yet, this is what we will face if monkeypox kicks off.




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