The Significance of Jacinda Ardern By Bruce Bennett

Already former New Zealand prime minster Jacinda Ardern is fading from the scene. Who knows where she will surface, but in some globalist, woke organisation for sure. But, before our memories dim, let us not forget the tyranny that she unleashed during the Covid plandemic. Nothing like this was seen before in New Zealand history. She was quite prepared to abandon the liberal values of the West, in favour of socialist paternalism, and state control, similar to the CCP of today, or USSR of the past. She was a symbol of the entire woke, globalist agenda. She is gone, but the system just replaces its agents, so the misery continues, until people arise and make sure that their oppression ends. Roll on those grand times!

“Rejoice! The Toothy Tyrant is no more. Jacinda Arden, the “kind” and “empathetic” Queen of Woke who locked her people in their homes for months on end following the appearance of a single case of COVID-19 and turned her island nation into a prison has announced she is to step down. With the economy tanking and her party headed for almost certain defeat in the election later this year, it can only be taken as an admission of failure. Her fanatical pursuit of Zero Covid, which involved the roll-out of vaccine passports, the sacking of workers who refused to get jabbed and had a catastrophic impact on the New Zealand economy, has had disastrous consequences. Ross Clark has written a suitably gloating piece in the Telegraph titled, “Poor Jacinda Ardern, defeated by her own vanity” with the blurb: “She believed her own myth – that she was the most virtuous leader in the world. Then came the consequences of her disastrous actions.” Here’s an excerpt.

When you write on politics, upsetting people is an occupational hazard. Even so, sometimes you can get taken aback. Nothing I have written before or since has provoked so much outrage as a piece I wrote here in October 2020 predicting that Jacinda Ardern’s zero-Covid policy in New Zealand would turn out to be a disaster. The ensuing Twitterstorm seemed to involve more people that inhabited New Zealand. 

That was the point about Ardern. She wasn’t just Prime Minister of New Zealand – and a popular one at her peak – she was a global pin-up for progressive values. She was the beacon of hope among those on the Left who had been destabilised by Donald Trump, Brexit and Boris Johnson. For many, she was seen as a breed apart among global leaders: one who was untouched by the fatal brew of ego, arrogance and self-interest which they saw as inbred into many male politicians. 

Ardern’s undoing was in that she appeared to believe that herself. I don’t claim to be able to read her mind, but I would guess that her real reason for resigning ahead of New Zealand’s general election later this year was not primarily that she wanted to collect her daughter from playgroup every day, as she has intimated, but that she could no longer cope with her halo having slipped. When you have been built up into a living saint it must come as a shock to find yourself under attack for failing to address the same old problems which afflict less-progressive national leaders. Inflation, a stuttering economy and rising crime are hardly unique to New Zealand, but they showed that there was nothing magical about Ardern’s politics – the only difference is that in her case she lacked the toughness to weather serious adversity. 

Ross worries that by resigning before an almost inevitable defeat at the polls, “she will come to be seen by progressives as a political martyr, reinforcing their belief in her greatness, as a female leader who willingly gave up power to be with her family”. The reality, however, is that “she failed in much that she tried to achieve, and the hero-worship which she enjoyed around the world made things worse by adding to her hubris”.

“Which brings me to the exception. Jacinda Ardern.

When I had that three-hour lunch with her I came away thinking that this woman makes a lot of sound and thinks she is informed and interested about the world and politics. But on reflection, at the time, I said to David Farrar, who was also there, that she was just mouthing slogans and platitudes. Bumper-sticker slogans and rehearsed lines. There was no depth there, and there still isn’t.

She is my exception, the one I believe is actually evil, and here is why I believe that.

She is fake, more fake than a $10 copy watch bought in the back alleys of Hong Kong. Like all politicians, she has claimed many, many things, about why she entered politics. She professes wanting to end child poverty – she even made herself the minister in charge of ending child poverty. She also claimed that climate change was her generation’s nuclear free moment. On both of those claimed driving forces for her entering politics she has failed massively and comprehensively. All the child poverty statistics are either materially worse or have barely budged. Her climate change commitments are a joke. She wrecked an industry on a ‘Captain’s Call’ and then presided over the largest imports of coal we have ever seen, into a country that is sitting on huge coal reserves. Every single signature election promise has been an abject failure. She told people she was going to make houses more affordable – their cost has more than doubled. She promised to build 100,000 KiwiBuild homes, but it turned out that she couldn’t build a house in a room full of Lego. She promised light rail to the airport and has failed to lay even a single centimetre of track. None of those things are evil, but they are all dishonest and show a predilection towards failure after bold promises.

She told us that she never lies, which was a lie. But since taking power she has grabbed unprecedented additional powers, moreso than even Robert Muldoon. With that power she locked us up, removed our freedoms and told us all it was for our health. Never before in the history of the world have so many healthy people been locked up and had their freedoms taken away, all on the pretext of protecting our health.

It was all to flatten the curve, she said, then to protect the hospitals, then to save granny, then that it would be short and sharp, but it ended up being the longest lockdown ever. It was all lies. If we needed more capacity in the hospitals then why haven’t they provided it? Why did they spend $55 million on bribing and corrupting the media instead of building a purpose-built ICU-only hospital in Auckland? Why did they fund cameras on fishing boats and wallaby pest eradication instead of hiring more nurses?

It was never about health; otherwise, the billions spent subsidising businesses to stay closed could have instead been spent on hospitals and health care. It was all about control and manipulation. She has gaslit everyone while smiling and frowning and stealing away your rights, your freedoms, and your democracy.

Her lockdowns have cost people their lives, postponed life-saving operations and cancer treatment, destroyed businesses, wrecked careers and, worst of all, scared people into being irrationally afraid, especially the children. Even though that is evil, that isn’t the real evil of this woman.

The real evil was her politicisation of our police force, coupled with her draconian lockdown rules, the creation of a Stasi-like snitch culture, creating a situation where mates are turned against mates, families are splintered and rent apart by the medical apartheid she has implemented; and her scapegoating, demonising and radicalising the unvaccinated and destroying social cohesion with her divisive, nasty, evil policies.

She said she never lies; she told us last year that Kiwis would not be penalised if they chose not to vaccinate, yet that is exactly what she has done: introduced social ostracism and punishments for daring to have free will. That is evil.

She is manipulative in the most extreme manner, like all sociopaths. Why else would she use sustained propaganda and well-known brainwashing techniques to tell us that ‘They are Us’… except for the unvaccinated, for them ‘They are Us’ is discarded. ‘Team of Five Million’ was a lie, because she has now separated New Zealand into ‘Us and Them’. What else can you call it other than manipulative to forbid going to the hairdressers unless you can prove you’d been vaccinated? That particular piece of nastiness was aimed solely at those naughty women who refuse to comply.

Removing freedoms from everyone, and then giving back the vaccinated some of those freedoms while callously using the media to help gaslight everyone into believing government permissions are freedoms, at the same time as creating two classes of citizen, is even nastier and evil. She’s convinced over 70 per cent of people that this divisiveness and nastiness are perfectly alright. She’s said it is OK to discriminate. She’s not even passed any laws to push her mandates; she’s just let businesses become her brownshirts in ostracising and demonising the unvaccinated. She’s allowed Aucklanders to be scapegoated even as she wrecked their businesses, jobs and dreams. It is never OK to discriminate. Yet that is what this evil woman has done.

The Kiwi ethos of egalitarianism was slaughtered on the altar of Covid, and the knife used to cut its throat was wielded by Jacinda Ardern.

What else can you call the blatant lies over the ‘vaccines’ being “safe and effective”, when the evidence is now mounting, building and cascading that they were neither safe nor effective, other than evil? She said explicitly that if you take the vaccines that “you won’t get sick, and you won’t die”. That was an evil lie; one which, sadly, many, many people have found out to their detriment.

The vaccine mandates and segregation of society by vaccine status directly led to the protest at parliament. That protest saw the ugly truth about Jacinda Ardern and her totalitarianism and pure evil as she stomped, literally this time, with actual jack boots, over the rights and freedoms of people who just wanted to be heard. Watching the stormtroopers of the regime stomp all over people in a brutal act of suppression of people who dared to stand against her was heart-rending. Her attempts to rewrite her brutal history are just as evil as her move to assault protestors.

On that day, as I watched, I knew that she had plumbed further into her pit of evil. We now had her unmasked. Pure, unadulterated evil, masquerading as ‘kindness’. The mask had slipped, now we saw the face of evil. Consequently, her and her party’s ratings have inexorably slid downwards.

All lies incur a debt to the truth, and eventually that debt must be paid. We are now seeing the truth exposing all the lies and no one was more in front of the people lying than Jacinda Ardern.”






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Tuesday, 31 January 2023

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