The Sale of Cold Steel Knives: End of an Era By John Steele

Cold Steel knives, founded by Lynn Thompson has/had a massive fan base for their knives, swords and melee self-defence weapons. It was the Cold Steel nation, if not family. But, now the firm has been sold to a bigger corporation, and that to an investment firm. The comments made below the vid are worth looking at, as they express once loyal fans’ sense of loss, and the likelihood that the brand will be like Disney buying up Star Wars, and we know where that led. As one person said:

“This sounds just like the same speech we got right before they moved my job to China.”


Tramontina machetes, made in Brazil are rugged and much cheaper on even eBay that the Cold Steel competition, and for all practical purposes, to clear scrub, a Latin style machete is preferable to say a machete that looks a like a katana. One can get a katana from China for about the same price on eBay, anyway, so what’s the difference, since the Cold Steel product was made in Taiwan? And, a Latin machete can have a clip point cut into it to make a cheap Bowie knife, for about $ 30, versus hundreds of dollars (up to $1,000) for say a Cold Steel Natchez Bowie. The cheap, bang it out blade,  is all a real man needs for toxic masculinity, which I enjoy swimming in.




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Sunday, 03 March 2024

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