The Rise of the Machines, Fanboy Club by Brian Simpson

Matt Ridley is one of those “no limits” kind of guys, and it is not surprising to see his article welcoming the rise of the robots: “Let’s Stop Being So Paranoid about the Rise of the Androids,” The Australian, November 22, 2016, p. 10. The problem is that both low skilled and high skilled jobs are at risk. If “thinking machines” can be created, even those with a good approximation to human capacities, regardless of philosophical problems about the nature of consciousness, the thinking jobs will go too. The computer geeks like to think that they are safe: someone has to look after the “thinking machines,” but even they are delusional because ultimately a robot floating in algorithms, could do that.

Ridley says that in the past automation of work led to more jobs, not less. The pessimists are just wrong. And if they are right, well, then its the time to consider a basic income, a salary from the government. Dream on. The mainstream media are simply not dealing with this issue with the seriousness it deserves. This time, it is really different.
Fortunately, this site has a lively social credit response to the “end of work” problem, and well recommended for reading is



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Sunday, 24 September 2023

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