The Rise of the Machines and the Fall of the Elites? - Response from Wallace Klinck - Canada

This is where Donald Trump will come face-to-face with the dilemma.  He wants, understandably, to restore and promote jobs and industry for renewed domestic prosperity and security but those jobs previously endangered by foreign competition are increasingly jeopardized by the rising “spectre”” of automation and artificial intelligence and he will be forced to seek another solution—as will leaders in all the industrial nations.  The various “Guaranteed Income” schemes although long active have remained moribund primarily because they have relied on tax funding, are therefore simply not financially viable and will become increasingly less so as the base of taxable income earners shrinks.  

As Major Douglas predicted nearly a century ago would happen, civilization is now approaching the crossroads where the existing financial system is proving to be incompatible with the labour displacing role of modern technology. 
It is absolutely essential that we Social Crediters selectively and vigorously approach all organizations, movements and public policy analysts and administrators who are wrestling with this phenomenon and its consequences but until more recent times were restricted from hearing about C H. Douglas’s message.

I just received an unexpected  message from a new contact in Scotland appealing for information on the A + B Theorem to assist him in delivering a scheduled lecture to the Positive Money people.  Things are definitely beginning to “percolate”.  It is incumbent upon us Social Crediters to bring them to a “boil”.
Surely, we are approaching a new renaissance for Social Credit! 
Douglas’s analysis of the price-system has provided the key to the solution of an otherwise unsolvable problem.



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Sunday, 23 June 2024

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