The Rise of the Machines and the Fall of the Elites? by Brian Simpson

Alan Kohler, “The Rise of the Machines and the Next Trump, at, gives a predictable response to the Trump phenomenon, but adds a twist. The short of the long is that Clinton will win, because, well, the good guy globalists always win, but beware Trump 2.0, because next time the Republicans will find a candidate who has not committed the unforgiveable sin of liking to have sex with women. Well, we will see, it’s early days yet and who knows if all this may blow away, or blow into an all-out civil war.

What I find interesting are Kohler’s remarks about the rise of robotics and IT. With technological advances robots through advanced-control algorithms, could replace not only drivers, but surgeons and even journalists. There did not appear to be a recognition that Kohler himself could be replaced by a machine in all this. And why not; surely much of the comments that we attack here each week from the mainstream press could be produced by a machine. Maybe it really is. In any case, globalisation will end because robots, no matter where they are located around the world, are simply cheaper than humans. Who needs people anymore?
So, what will people – remember them? – do for a living? One idea is a universal income, suggested by Elon Musk of Tesla, who is working on the driverless cars, which will create massive unemployment. Certainly the corporates won’t pay for this, so governments will have to.
Kohler gives no answer because the governments are already struggling with debt, and it is difficult to see how governments could do this under orthodox finance/economics.
Clearly there is no orthodox economic answer to this, so there will either be mass bloodshed or else the time for the social credit economy has arrived and the elites will fall.  This will only happen if the common man and woman work together until the pressure is irresistible and the political class yeild!



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Saturday, 22 June 2024

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