The Racism of Antifa By Chris Knight

     For reference purposes, while antifa claim to be antiracist, when it suits them, they are quite prepared to call a Black woman by the n-word, no concerns. The only consolation is that if she was White, they would probably have killed her, just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“A video out of Portland shows a black woman involved in a confrontation with Antifa rioters who she accuses of calling her racial slurs as they temporarily block her vehicle. The clip begins with the African-American woman telling the white Antifa rioters to get out of the way as they claim they are engaged in a “non-violent protest.” “You setting fires in the street, no that’s violence,” responds the woman. The rioters position themselves in front of her car as she tells them to go and “tear up” another neighborhood. “Now they see how ignorant this looks, you don’t let someone call me a f**king n**ger bitch, you don’t want no race war out here…f**king ni**er bitch, that’s what you called me,” says the woman. The Antifa rioters deny being responsible for the racist slur before accusing the woman of pushing them with her car. “If I was pushing you with my car, you’d be laying the fuck over,” responds the woman as the confrontation becomes more heated. The rioters are finally forced to let the woman pass. One suspects that if she was white, they would have physically attacked her.”

     I sure hope I censored all of the four-lettered words here, but those I miss the editor always catches. The point here is that there is utterly no reason why the Black woman would lie. Thus, anti-racism, just like anti-fascism, is not the main agenda of antifa. It is, and always has been, communism, of the nastiest kind.

“The good news is that even if American communists, under the banner of Antifascism or Democratism, or Liberalism, come to power in the US they will soon start eliminating each other. This would be fully in accordance with the iron law of egalitarian entropy, a fact often overlooked by many analysts of communism. The still-strong myth that communists and antifas only enjoyed killing anti-communists and fascists during and after World War II must be dismissed. In fact, ever since their coming to power, communists and antifas in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, in 1917 and 1945 respectively, were involved in the orgy of mutual purges and killings. It must be expected that American antifas or liberals, or whatever they may name themselves in the near future, will start, once in power, with similar mutual killings. Virtually all big masterminds of communist mass killings during the pre-WWII and the post-WWII Soviet era, heads of powerful Soviet secret police agencies ( Genrikh Yagoda, Lavrentiy Beria, Nikolai Yezhov, Lev Kamenev ) were at some point demoted or ended up themselves on the gallows erected by their former communist comrades. A fresh example of latent communist entropy transpiring in incessant intra-communist warfare could be observed on the eve of the violent break-up of multicultural communist Yugoslavia in 1991, falsely ascribed by the foreign media to local nationalists. However, a closer look at the profile of major decision makers in seceding ex-Yugoslav republics points to their common communist past. Similarly, on a positive side, if one carefully looks at the pedigree, or reads the early works of some of the best and brightest anti-Communist analysts and writers (Boris Souvarine, Arthur Koestler, George Orwell, Ante Ciliga), one can notice that they were at some point in their life ardent supporters of antifascism and communism.”

     We can only hope so, that the modern communist threat will feed upon itself, and devour itself.



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Thursday, 13 June 2024

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