The Pope and the Religion of Migration By Peter West

     I predicted that it would be time for some more migration/refugee nonsense from the no-hope Pope. He has run out of slightly original things to say, and he is now being fed repeat material by his masters. Anyway, here is the latest:

“Pope Francis emphasized the involuntary nature of much migration Sunday, insisting that, like Jesus, migrants and refugees are often “forced to flee.” “Today the Church celebrates the World Day of Migrants and Refugees,” the pope told the pilgrims gathered in Saint Peter’s Square for his weekly Angelus address. “I greet the refugees and migrants present in the Square around the monument entitled ‘Angels, unawares,’ which I blessed last year.” The pontiff said this year he has dedicated his Message for the commemoration “to the internally displaced, who are forced to flee, as also happened to Jesus and his family. ‘Like Jesus, forced to flee,’ likewise the displaced, migrants.” “Our remembrance and our prayer to them, in a particular way, and to those who assist them,” he added. Pope Francis has often compared migrants to Jesus Christ, suggesting that the cold welcome Christ received on coming into the world is similar to the reception many migrants experience. “Jesus knows well the pain of not being welcomed,” the pope said in a 2018 tweet for International Migrants’ Day. “May our hearts not be closed as were the houses in Bethlehem.”

During the flight into Egypt, “the child Jesus experienced with his parents the tragic fate of the displaced and refugees,” Francis said earlier this year, “which is marked by fear, uncertainty and unease.” “Unfortunately, in our own times, millions of families can identify with this sad reality,” Francis said. “Almost every day the television and papers carry news of refugees fleeing from hunger, war and other grave dangers, in search of security and a dignified life for themselves and for their families.” “In each of these people, forced to flee to safety, Jesus is present as he was at the time of Herod,” he continued. “In the faces of the hungry, the thirsty, the naked, the sick, strangers and prisoners, we are called to see the face of Christ who pleads with us to help.” “If we can recognize him in those faces, we will be the ones to thank him for having been able to meet, love and serve him in them,” he said. Pope Francis has made immigration a central plank of his papal platform, encouraging nations to be more inviting to migrants, whether legal or illegal, while insisting that a failure to welcome migrants is rooted in selfishness and fuelled by “populist rhetoric.”

     I saw an excellent refutation of the Pope’s latest nonsense here:

“As the Pope celebrates “the World Day of Migrants and Refugees,” he lumps all migrants together, demonstrating the unity of his perspective with that of his fellow globalists and the same determination they display to advance the cause of open borders. He has been completely ignoring the reality of economic migrants and of jihadis infiltrating the refugee stream. He has said nothing about the migrant-caused spike in crime rates, and little about persecuted Christians who are all but abandoned. He also refuses to lead by example and tear down his own safe walls at the Vatican Palace in Vatican City, behind which he is safe. In contradiction to his boss, the Pope … Cardinal Robert Sarah once issued a warning about Muslim migration and the destruction of open-door Europe. Sarah declared that “it is a false exegesis [interpretation of scriptural text] to use the Word of God to promote migration. God never wanted these rifts.” That is exactly what Pope Francis has been doing for quite some time, acting as a blind guide in preaching that it is un-Christian to oppose mass Muslim migration into Europe, and now in comparing migrants to Jesus. In so doing, he is woefully insensitive to victims of jihad terror. Migrants are like Jesus? Jesus certainly would never go on a jihad stabbing spree.”

     Here are the articles that Robert Spencer is referring to: 

     The thing is, elites like the Pope can never be held accountable for the rubbish they speak, so they say do what they like knowing there is no critique by the mainstream media, who as we see with the bs flowing from Biden, are free to do also say, and do, what they like. We need to stop putting up with this abuse!



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Thursday, 22 February 2024

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