The Nonsense of Australia’s “Non-Discriminatory Immigration Programme by James Reed

An essential  poll has shown that 49 percent of Australians want a ban on Muslim immigration: The political class replied that this showed a lack of leadership, I suppose to control the objecting plebs. Pauline Hanson, bless her, said that she suspected that opposition was much higher:

It is instructive to consider treasurer and former immigration minister Scott Morrison’s response: “We’ve always had a non-discriminatory immigration program in this country which has produced the most successful multi-ethnic society in the world.” See:

That is nonsense, and self-contradictory. For a start, at federation Australia was 97 percent Anglo-Celtic. This percentage has been deliberately diluted by government policy beginning in the 1960s. To become “part of Asian,” immigration was skewed to Asians.

The intake of a majority of non-whites is deliberate, because the creation of the multi-ethnic society was deliberate, and there could not be vast populations created if equal numbers of all races were selected. It has been done at the expense of the Anglo-Australian gene pool. This is just a statistical fact.

This programme would be seen as racial genocide if it was done to any other ethnic group, and rightly so. But Anglos are soft targets, with little fight in them, and no sense of racial identity, unlike other groups who organize into “communities,” to get their interests met.

The Anglocide programme has succeeded so far because of a range of factors, most importantly the programme of deracination implemented in the present regime in the institution, and the lack of racial awareness, and fear of “tribalism” among what opposition groups which have existed.  As well, there are measures like section 18 C, primarily to control any signs of dissent from Anglos. Success, if it can be called that, is achieved only by the iron fist. I have written about this issue many times at this site over the past 10 years.

Note that for the multicult there is a very low bar for a multiethnic society to be “successful.” It just means that there is not civil war yet. America, the elites there say, despite its problems, that it is still “successful.” Yet, the society is in a state of undeclared race/civil war, just waiting to split open along the fault lines of race and class.

For no other reason than challenging this ideology of United Nations anti-white demographic dilatation, I would like to see Donald Trump win and put in his immigration restrictions. But, with the recent news from Mal Turnbull that Australia will now be taking in refugees from Central America, I suppose in the future that the chattering class will be seeing us as a part of South America, and if Trump puts in immigration restrictions, puny Australia will be set to take in the “huddled masses” from South America.

But when do Anglo-Australians ever “breathe free,” from immigration?



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Monday, 22 April 2024

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