The New Zealand Vax Whistle-Blower Case By Brian Simpson

Barry Young is the whistle-blower who released a large dataset of New Zealand Covid vax data. For doing this, which is illegal, he was arrested but is now out on bail. The police opposed his bail on the grounds that he may, not physically endanger the population, but spread misinformation! Fortunately, that argument was rejected.

There is controversy among the vax critics about the data and its statistical relevance, with mortality rates associated with certain vax batches having a death ratio of 21.38 percent among those being jabbed. There is some doubt about this data by some and at this point in time we do not have the full truth. The system though is in complete damage control, so perhaps a raw nerve has been pronged?

“Police have arrested and charged Barry Young, identified as the whistleblower behind the release of a large dataset of New Zealand’s Covid vaccine data.

On November 30th, Young, a former vaccine database administrator, exposed approximately 4 million medical records, which contained individual person IDs, the vaccine type received, batch numbers, vaccine dose number, date of birth, age, and date of death.

The released data, which Young first shared under the pseudonym Winston Smith, purportedly reveals alarming mortality rates associated with certain vaccine batches. For example, one batch reportedly had a death ratio of 21.38% among its recipients.

Young brought the information to public attention in a presentation with Liz Gunn, a former TV presenter and lawyer. By introduction, he expressed support for vaccination but opposed mandates:

“I’m not anti-vax. I helped build the vaccination system. But I am pro-choice and I do believe in [the] fundamental freedoms of humans, and that we should not have a procedure forced onto us because of a mandate just to keep our jobs. That is against everything I stand for. It is a huge overreach by the government.”

During the initial presentation, dubbed ‘The Mother Of Revelations (M.O.A.R.) Data Drop’, Young and Gunn evidenced the leak by showing the correlation between mass vaccination and mortality spikes in official data.

Following New Zealand’s mass vaccine campaigns, there were several sustained periods of excessive mortality:

New Zealand authorities, of course, attribute this to Covid.

In the days following, Gunn did the alternative media rounds, interviewing with Andrew Bridgen MP and featuring on various shows, where she attested to how severe and compromising the leak is.

But soon a spanner was thrown into the works. Questions surfaced about the data’s accuracy.

Prominent vaccine-sceptic Steve Kirsch reassured his audience …

Turns out, the data was incomplete. Investigative journalist (and fellow Covid-vaccine sceptic) Igor Chudov dived into the numbers and confirmed as much.

Among “huge missing chunks of data”, he found Gunn had allegedly botched her analysis and misinterpreted nursing home deaths as evidence of deadly batches. He also outlined how the number of actual vaccine casualties may reside in the missing pieces of data that the database did not provide.

In short, the death statistics appear so extreme because of apparent selection bias. The absence of source verification further compounded accuracy worries.

Chudov also speculated that the leak could be a pysop. A move that would draw people in to spread the damning news so they could then be tarnished upon its “debunking”. He, however, later recanted this after having a chat with Kirsch.

After this conversation, Chudov suggested the partial nature of the data is explained by the fact that some shots were not processed through the system that Young was overseeing. He says he is still sceptical of the numbers.

Put in simple terms, we’re looking through a keyhole again. The whistleblower seems genuine, so does certain parts of the data, but to really understand the gravity of it, further analysis is required.

Voices For Freedom, a not-for-profit grassroots advocacy organisation, has since revealed that Young contacted them before Gunn. The organisation released a statement on if they’d acquired the data they would have:

  • Remained silent until the data had been safely delivered to multiple overseas expert data analysts for assessment, obtained the results of that analysis then made a decision whether or not to proceed.
  • Arranged for a publicly respected journalist to break the story so that it had the best chance of getting the attention of everyday New Zealanders.
  • Ensured the whistleblower had access to the best legal advice to reduce the likelihood of his exposure to liability.
  • Kept the release of such information short, to the point, and free from unnecessary emotional overlay.
  • Shared any damning results with our international network of influential experts, scientists and analysts for maximum impact.

The New Zealand government and Te What Ora Health New Zealand - which maintains only 4 deaths are possibly linked to the Covid shots - could easily crush concerns.

If the leak is such obscene “misinformation”, why not release the data in its entirety or, at least, pledge to do so after redacting the personal information in them?

Of course, what they did instead was arrest and charge the whistleblower on a count of dishonestly accessing private information. The maximum penalty of which is seven years’ imprisonment.

If one thing is clear, it is that the data could have been handled with a lot more caution.

Unfortunately, it’s too late. Now the information is out, establishment stooges are wasting no time in trashing the story in its entirety.

Earlier today, founder and editor of The Platform, Sean Plunkett, covered the story and took calls from the public. One seemingly neutral caller pointed out the obvious - if the government wants to reassure the public, perhaps, just perhaps, some transparency might help. Plunkett wasn’t best pleased and promptly descended into an ad hominem rant.”



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Wednesday, 28 February 2024

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