The New World Deadlift Record; Halfthor Now the Full Thor! By John Steele

     Please be warned that these super-human men, well, Eddie Hall, drop the occasional f-bomb, it just rolls of their tongues. But, the event is such an ocean of testosterone, of manly strength in this world of weakness, that we put up with anything, just to see a human lift from the ground 501 kgs. Few people know what it is like to lift any heavy weight beyond a can of baked beans, so this is beyond normal experience. Think of picking up the back of your car and lifting it off the ground. So, here is Icelandic Viking, Halfthor becoming the full Thor by breaking Eddie Hall’s record. No bad language yet.

     It could be showmanship, like pro-wrestling poo talk, but there seems to be bad blood between Eddie Hall who lifted 500 kg under official conditions, and Halfthor, who did it with supervision in his home gym. The lads are going to settle it with a boxing match. Apparently Halfthor called Eddie a cheat over the 2017 contest, and the big guy Eddie gets angry and let’s fly with a few ripe words. Anyway, Eddie signs the contract for a boxing match between them, which will be epic, since the strongest men in history will slug it out. Eddie has street fighting, apparently, but Halfthor no experience, so it will be like a Rocky movie when it gets going, and sure more fun than what we have all been putting up with the coronamania! Given the rough language, enjoy. I was laughing with delight! Manhood survives, by a thread.

     That was definitely more entertaining than the depressing coronavirus stuff, which is everywhere, suffocating us, making me repeat myself. Yeah, I notice that most US jail birds have the bug, and are still doing time, doing fine:

“More than 70% of federal prisoners tested for coronavirus had tests that returned positive, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday. Of approximately 2,700 inmates, 71% of them — at least 1,928 — tested positive for coronavirus. Some prison officials expect the number to rise as they expand testing, according to the Wall Street Journal. Officials have said that death and infection rates inside prisons are lower than national rates, but health experts say it’s impossible to know the extent of the problem without broader testing, the Journal reported.

     I cut this quote out with my e-knife and out came a box, so I hope you guys get the clean version. I am just no good with computers.



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Thursday, 07 December 2023

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