The New Wave of Global Covid-1984 Lockdowns By Richard Miller

It seems that France and Germany have never heard of Sweden, because it looks like these countries are now plunging into new comprehensive Covid-1984 lock downs. That is a problem, because it offers continuous justification for lock downs everywhere, establishing the prison planet as the new normal.

“France and Germany have announced second national lockdowns to try to curb a surge in coronavirus cases and deaths.

President Emmanuel Macron confirmed his country's widely-expected measures, which will start this Friday and last until 1 December.

The month-long measures will include:

  • A 'stay at home' order except to exercise for one hour a day, seek medical care or buy essential goods
  • Shutting restaurants and bars
  • Non-essential shops to close
  • A travel ban between regions
  • Closing some external borders
  • Universities moving to online teaching

Anyone outside their homes will have to carry a document justifying their excursion, which can be checked by police.

The newspaper Le Parisien said the office of the French Prime Minister has confirmed that people will be allowed only up to 1 km from their home.

Schools will remain open.”

          If the pandemic was really as bad as they as they say, then having little school kiddies out and about collecting the dreaded virus, would undermine all of the above. So, like everything in this drama, it only makes sense as a social conditioning mechanism for New World order totalitarianism.

          The thought has occurred to me that some of these insane measures could well be nothing more that the Dark Lords of Mordor, drunk on power, getting bored, and wanting some sport and entertainment, much like naughty boys might set light to captured butterflies, basking in the smell of burning helplessness.

“On Wednesday, French President Emmanuel Macron announced that France would enter a full lockdown from midnight on Thursday until the end of November due to the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic. 

With hours to go before the month-long national lockdown takes effect, videos have surfaced on Twitter, showing massive traffic jams of people trying to escape the city as lockdowns go into effect. 

"Traffic is barely moving in every direction as far as the eye can see. Lots of honking and frustrated drivers," said one Twitter user. 

Another Twitter user suggests "traffic jams around Paris tonight" could be due to "people leaving the capital before lockdown."

Using real-time data to confirm, that, in fact, the videos posted by citizen journalists in Paris are accurate - TomTom traffic data shows much of the city is in serious gridlock.”

          The long-awaited zombie apocalypse comes to France.

“It's unsurprising to see the White House dispatch Kudlow to carry out a string of TV interviews: Because as the Trump Campaign pushes its message that Trump's response to the pandemic wasn't as fatally flawed as critics have claimed, Dr. Fauci is on the other end, claiming that President Trump's projections for when a vaccine might be approved are fanciful. And as the outbreak has accelerated these past few weeks (with Europe hit much harder than the US), the good doctor has been pushing his estimates for when we might expect a vaccine to be widely available further and further back.

On Wednesday evening, Dr. Fauci appeared on CNBC for an interview with Shep Smith, the latest Fox News refugee to try his luck as restarting his career, only to be hectored by the reporter who repeatedly pressed Dr. Fauci to unreservedly declare that a mandatory mask order must be passed across all of the US.”

          Of course, the Covid-1984 crisis has been the opportunity of opportunities for the elites and all matters of technocrats to consolidate power, and push for their dark, sordid vision of the world.




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Sunday, 21 July 2024

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