The Naked Feminist Globalist: Dare We Go Where Angels Fear to Tread? By Mrs Vera West

     Enter a whole new theatre of the absurd, with Dr Victoria Bateman, feminist, academic, anti-Brexit economist, and whatever, debating in the nude:

“Cambridge University economist who suddenly stripped naked in the Radio 4 studio. Dr Victoria Bateman, a fellow in economics at Gonville and Caius College, who regularly delivers lectures in the nude, surprised the veteran host when she disrobed and then challenged Jacob Rees-Mogg to a Brexit debate without any clothes on. Humphrys, who said, startled, 'oh, I see you're naked', told listeners that Dr Bateman had the words 'Brexit Leaves Britain Naked' painted across her body. It is not known whether the BBC was aware that Dr Bateman had intended to strip during the interview which saw her arrive wearing a coat and then disrobe in front of an unsuspecting Humphrys. Cambridge economist Dr Victoria Bateman appeared on BBC Radio 4's Today programme this morning while naked to debate Brexit with host John Humphrys. Listeners claimed he clearly struggled on air while interviewing the married Dr Bateman - who described Brexit as Britain's 'Emperor's New Clothes' moment. During the terse five-minute interview, Humphrys accused the academic of undermining her argument by not wearing clothes as well as offending the sensibilities of the vast majority of the British public. Dr Bateman was interviewed following an exchange on Twitter yesterday with Piers Morgan when she uploaded a video discussing women's freedom and rights across the world while standing in the nude.”

     Yes, the usual politically correct nonsense. Darling, take a tip from an older woman, someone old enough to be your grandmother; put some clothes on dear, you never know what you might catch!

     It is simply a cheap stunt, that was done by John Lennon and Yoko Ono in the 1960s, but with slightly more humour and style from that crazy duo. Those debating this feminist globalist should resist the temptation to ridicule her ageing body, since we all get old, and focus on the argument at hand. For men, once the initial shock and horror of nakedness is overcome, they should follow the reverse of the age old way of overcoming stress in public speaking; not to imagine her naked, but instead fully clothed. That should get the necessary results, since then, the nakedness of her arguments will be clearly revealed. Another way would be for men to gore themselves on high flatulence foods, such as baked beans before the debate, and then let it all hang out with happy abandon.



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Wednesday, 24 April 2024

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