The Muslim Superorganism Code, Decoded By Peter West

     The Muhammad Code (Feral House, 2016), by Harold Bloom, continues his long-term research into war and human violence: 

     In this highly readable, but still well-referenced book, Bloom details how Islam has pursued an agenda of conquest for 1,400 years. For example, by the time of the death of the prophet in 632 AD, Islam had conquered the biggest empire in history, an empire 11 times the size of the conquests of Alexander the Great, five times the size of the Roman Empire, and seven times the size of the United States.

     Bloom describes how this greatest conquest in history was conducted, but he also expresses the politically incorrect view, that the conquest is not over and that the West is on the agenda again to be devoured. He justifies this by numerous quotes from the Koran, as well as from Islamic scholars and other movers and shakers such as the Ayatollah who declares that, “Moslems have no alternative… to an armed holy war …Holy war means the conquest of all non Moslem territories. …It will …be the duty of every able-bodied adult male to volunteer for this war of conquest, the final aim of which is to put Koranic law in power from one end of the earth to the other.”

     As Bloom said in an interview:

“Millions of Muslims envision Islam as a religion of tolerance, pluralism, and peace. But there’s a blunt fact staring us in the face. What ISIS is doing is merely one attack in the world’s longest running world war—the war of “Mohammed the Conqueror” and the “knights” of Islam, as Bin Laden used to say, against every other civilization on the face of the planet. For Allah and His Messenger demand that Muslims be on top.

They demand that Muslims allow others to live only if they take a role as second-class citizens in a purely Muslim state and pay the jizya, a tax designed to shame and humiliate. And they demand that Islam rule every inch of land on God’s own speck of dust—the planet Earth. So Muslims in the West can never be happy. At least not according to the standards of the Hadith and the Qur’an. Not according to the standards of al Qaeda, Boko Haram, the Iranian Islamic Revolution, and the Islamic State. That is, good Muslims cannot be happy until Shariah rules every land. And that includes your land and mine.

Since the beginning of history, we have been blinded by evil’s ability to don a selfless disguise. We have failed to see that our finest qualities are often the generators of the actions we most abhor—murder, torture, genocide and war. From our urge to pull together comes our tendency to tear each other apart. From our devotion to a higher good comes our propensity to the foulest atrocities. And from our commitment to ideals come our excuses to hate.

Righteousness in Islam consists in following Muhammad’s footsteps. And those footsteps are violent, imperialist, colonialist, sadistic, and genocidal. But those who want to “annihilate” or to convert their fellow men in the West are not madmen. They’re rational and they’re something more—they’re idealists. They want to free us. They want to save you and me.”

     That is the thesis of the book in a nutshell. It may not seem surprising to our readers who know this well, but here is someone from the mainstream saying it loud and clear. And, it is not impossible that the 120 nuclear bombs of Islamic Pakistan could one day fall into the hands of terrorists, who will not be afraid of using them.



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Tuesday, 16 July 2024

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