The Multiculturalism of Snow By Brian Simpson

Cleaning out my race/archaeology files, I came across this little gem that literally had fallen through the cracks, from the now defunct little journal Renewal, June 2018, p. 7. We have been told how limited the English language is, with a classic example being that allegedly the Eskimo languages have an unusually large number of words describing snow, perhaps 100. This alleged fact was used by the cultural Marxist anthropologist Franz Boas in his anti-white agenda, to deflate especially Nordic achievements, and allegedly show that the Inuit were vastly smarter than Northern Europeans. So, just roll over and die accepting the Great Replacement by mass migration. The snow claim is frequently made by others with the same agenda.

          However, the article notes, this is not so: “Researchers at the university of Glasgow have been compiling a list of words in the Lowland Scottish dialect of English for a new publication to be called Historical Thesaurus of Scots. So far they have garnered 421 terms relating to ‘snow’ and the list is growing. These include ‘spitters,’ small drops of wind-driven snow; ‘findriken,’ a light snow shower, and ‘snow-ghoist,’ an apparition seen in the snow.

          As the Renewal article notes, this is yet another example of the falsehoods given by the cultural Marxist Franz Boas to support his globalist agenda, which has been repeated enough now to become an urban legend. The truth, as always, must struggle to get out from the prison of falsehoods.



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Sunday, 21 July 2024

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