The Minds of the Elites By Chris Knight

     Here is a good article from, that has a look at the mind set of the 1 percenters in the present revolution. They support it to look trendy and woke, but these sorts of things have a way of getting out of hand, and minders close to them might just feel that they want to own the means of production, eh? I mean to say, they have servants even getting their food so that they are safe from the great unwashed. Thus, I do not believe that much long-term thought has gone into things:

“The world’s wealthiest man is Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon. He’s so rich that he kept his position at the top even after making his ex-wife the third-wealthiest woman in the world after their divorce. However, Mr. Bezos evidently thinks he is speaking truth to power. Amazon is donating $10 million to liberal organizations including the NAACP and the Equal Justice Foundation. Amazon proudly displays the black nationalist flag. One Amazon customer complained about Black Lives Matter in email to Mr. Bezos. Mr. Bezos released the message and said he was glad to lose that customer and his “hate.” It’s hard to imagine a greater power disparity than that between Mr. Bezos and some customer, but Mr. Bezos is posing as a hero. Amazon has many black nationalist flags and books for sale. It bans the Confederate flag, along with White Identity and If We Do Nothing by Jared Taylor. Many of Amazon’s best sellers are anti-white books, including Robin DiAngelo’s White Fragility and two books by Ibram Kendi. Mr. Kendi came to our attention when he proposed an “anti-racist amendment” to the Constitution. This amendment would enshrine “two guiding anti-racist principles: Racial inequity is evidence of racist policy and the different racial groups are equals.”

During my “mainstream” conservative days, I commiserated with my boss over Barack Obama’s 2008 victory. Though he was disappointed, my boss said the good news is that America was finally “past” race. “After all,” he told me, “no one will ever be able to say America is racist ever again.” It didn’t work out that way. Since Barack Obama’s election, it seems that all Americans do is talk about race. It’s my job to write about race, and I don’t expect to be laid off. Race is interesting and important. Bill Clinton and Eric Holder both said at different times that America needs to talk about race. They were right. However, we’re not really talking about race. Instead, elites are pushing propaganda. They punish those who dissent. They are feeding whites shame, guilt, and outright loathing for themselves. It’s a monologue, not a conversation. Many whites, including many well-meaning conservatives, must be confused. America does not discriminate against blacks. Blacks are a privileged class in education and in many jobs. Almost every college, profession, and public institution has activist groups that advance the interests of blacks, while whites are forbidden to organize. Whites understand that minority status is an advantage. Some whites, such as Rachel Dolezal and Elizabeth Warren, faked a racial identity to get it. The anti-white climate is so pervasive that even white advocates don’t really notice it anymore. The massive amounts of money that will now go to “anti-racism” organizations could help some blacks move into the middle class. They won’t vote Republican. They will just think up new ways to accuse whites of racism.

Conservatives have two problems. First, their “values” are generally supported more by whites than by anyone else. Second, the corporate elites Republicans defend oppose President Trump (the de facto GOP leader) as much as they oppose grassroots conservatives. During this crisis, Republicans and Conservatism Inc. have no answers, because their ideology — whether they realize it or not — defends the interests of their enemies. This is a revolution from the top, to borrow Kerry Bolton’s phrase. Conservatives, by definition, can’t overthrow a hostile elite. We will have to do it. Amazon may stand with the black community, but we stand with the white community, with our own people. We stand for white self-reliance and, ultimately, independence. We may find that simply to survive, we will need to build our own support networks. Sam Francis observed long ago that egalitarianism is a political weapon. It’s a strategy that elites at the top of the hierarchy use to maintain control and disguise their own power. There will always be hierarchy. We don’t deny this. But we want to install a better ruling class. Instead of profiting from weakness, we want to make our people stronger, smarter, and more powerful. We want a people capable of creating artistic, scientific, medical, and engineering wonders worthy of our ancestors. However, even if we defend hierarchy in principle, we are in the unusual position of championing it from below. The elites are opposed to us, and this is an ideological guerrilla war. Almost every major company in America funds our opponents. Still, they may be making a mistake by showing their hand so openly. I’ve spoken to many friends in the last few days who have finally lost patience. I think this is our moment if we have the will and dedication to act. Don’t be cowed. Our opponents have money, but we have willpower and faith — and, most important, we have the truth. If history shows us anything, it’s that courage can overcome currency.”

     This is still within a broadly conservative framework, but it at least is aware of the disintegrating power of liberalism which we are seeing now dissolving the old multiracial order. Hopefully, the revolution from the top will be destroyed by the top literally toppling over, so that once the mind-controlling brain waves of the system are turned off, our people might be able to critically think once more, or even begin thinking for the first time in their hive mind lives.



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Friday, 23 February 2024

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