The Mainstream Media were in on the Massacres By Charles Taylor (Florida)

It seems that mainstream journalists will stoop as low as they can go for a sensational story or photo shoot. Photo journalists were part of the Hamas forces who launched the October 7, 2023 attacks upon Israel. Major news organisations used their material. So, these photo journalists would necessarily have had prior knowledge of the attacks, but stood by recording the slaughter. It puts news in a whole new light where the recorders become part of the act, creating the events. Weird times indeed.


There were “photojournalists” that were embedded with Hamas forces during the October 7th terror attacks, and major news organizations in the United States used “footage and photos” from those “photojournalists” in their coverage of the events…

The latest ghoulish development following the slaughter of 1,400 Jews in the Oct. 7 Israeli attack on Israel is quite a shocker.

The AP, CNN, Reuters, and The New York Times used footage and photos from reporters embedded with Hamas terrorists during their slaughter of hundreds of Jews.

These Western media outlets then posted the photos in their coverage of this horrendous surprise attack on Israel.

Just when it seems like the mainstream media can’t sink any lower, somehow they find a way to do so.

So did any of these news organizations have advance knowledge that the attacks were going to take place?

Now that this story has gotten out, the Israeli government “is demanding answers”

The Israeli government is demanding answers from western media outlets including CNN, Reuters, The Associated Press and The New York Times following a media watchdog report that suggested freelance photographers they each hired may have been embedded with Hamas on October 7th.

The issue – highlighted by Honest Reporting – concerns four freelance photographers from Gaza whose works have been published by the media outlets.

One of the “photojournalists” that has been identified is a man named Hassan Eslaiah.

In one video, he can be seen riding toward the site of a massacre with a grenade in his hand

There is now video of Hassan Eslaiah riding the back of a bike on the way to a kibbutz massacre.

Eslaiah is seen carrying a grenade.

It certainly appears that Hassan Eslaiah wasn’t just there to report on the attacks.

Needless to say, the mainstream news outlets that had worked with these “photojournalists” are denying any prior knowledge of the attacks and it is being reported that they have cut all ties with them

All four outlets deny having any prior knowledge of the Hamas attack and insist they have cut ties with the reporters. The New York Times today hit out at Honest Reporting for its ‘vague insinuations’, defending the photographer it had hired.

But Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other cabinet ministers are demanding more information.”





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