The Mainstream Media: The Ones Who Tell the Most “Pork Pies” by Chris Knight

The chattering and scribbling class need to have a constant stream of horse manure circulating to keep the gardens of illusion of the capitalism class growing strongly, and the plants of deception alive.
Gerard Baker, editor-in-chief of the The Wall Street Journal (“Trump, Lies and the Challenge for Honest Traditional Journalism,” The Australian, January 6, 2017, p. 8), says that “Trump certainly has a penchant for saying things whose truthfulness is, shall we say for now, challengeable.”
Leaving that to one side, not a word in the article is voiced about Hillary Clinton’s outright lies and deception, matters about which whole books have now been written.

Baker feels superior to other establishment journalists because he doesn’t call Trump a liar in his high class rag. Oh, Trumps “untruths” are that there were substantial votes cast illegally in the presidential election (even though Obama himself recommended that illegals vote) and Obama’s supposed foreign birth. Leaving the issue of revelations of computer alternations of the Obama birth certificate, Trump did say in late 2016 that he believed that Obama was a “natural born” citizen. Any “honest traditional journalism” would have checked this out. This is the sort of distortion and false/fake news, or if you prefer – lies – that has undermined the limited credibility of the mainstream press.

The issue is that the mainstream press filters the facts through its own political lenses. Baker claims that Trump is telling a “whopper” about, say, the amount of illegal voting. Yet in covering the US election with my American friend Charles Taylor for the League, I read numerous articles documenting just this type of electoral fraud. Occidental Observer ran an historical piece showing that election fraud has a long history:  That sort of awareness or discussion doesn’t get into Baker’s rag, or the mainstream press.

You won’t find objective discussion of Obama’s “bathroom obsession,” insisting that adult men who identify as transgendered females be allowed into women and girls’ shower and toilet facilities. He even threatened states and schools with cutting off funds if they refused, so obsessed was he with this issue.
How about some “honest traditional journalism” there in working out what was going on in his head?

Obama threatened to cut off aid to African countries that did not legalise homosexual marriage. As well, US embassies around the world, flew, along with the Stars and Stripes, the homosexual “rainbow” flags. No commentary on this. What is all of this about?

The activities of George Soros who once described himself as a “kind of god” (“The Billionaire Who Built on Chaos – George Soros,” The Independent, June 3, 1993:,  and who compared himself to the God of the Old Testament in his book Underwriting Democracy (1991), gets only passing mention by the mainstream press, because they support his form of communistic globalism.
Apart from his financial attacks on nations, something that no individual should be able to do, his political activism has been to undermine national sovereignty and support pro-immigration, Left wing “progressive” causes, all to produce his New World Order.

Soros has funded Black Lives Matter to the tune of US $33 million in one year that supported the 2015 Ferguson protests, which ultimately led to the destruction of that mixed race city. And he was a financial backer of Hillary Clinton. All that and more doesn’t get discussed in Baker’s honest traditional journalism publications.

Truth has been found by people who search, primarily through the internet. Hence it is imperative to fight for continuous freedom of the internet, or the shadow will continue to more over the land.



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Wednesday, 24 July 2024

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