The Left, Seek Dictatorship, of Body, Mind and Soul By Chris Knight (Florida)

A quick report on the recent moves by the Democrats, all in-your-face blatant, to make the US into nothing short of a communist dictatorship. While this seems to have gone into over-drive since Trump was eliminated, the anti-Western move has been in place since at least the 1960s. all of the social revolutions, such as feminism, mass Third World migration, ad nausea, have been in place since that time, and the United Nations, sitting in New York, a tower of evil, has had a massive role to play. Mega-corporations have shown that they are happy with a mixed communist Chinese Mongol capitalist system. Democracy requires work to over-ride.


“As expected, Democrats are moving to radically alter the United States Supreme Court. This move would give Joe Biden four justice positions to fill, in addition to whatever vacancies occur during his term.

Democrats are also moving toward abolishing the filibuster in the U.S. Senate and adding Washington, D.C., (and possibly Puerto Rico) as states for the purpose of increasing their representation in the House and cementing a permanent majority in the Senate.

None of these foundational changes in our government are unexpected. Democrats have promised these changes over the past few years as goals for when they resumed political control over the federal government.

Ultimately, these are examples of GOP weakness over the past several decades. Democrats are fully willing to destroy any institution, demolish any tradition and tear down any obstacle to achieve and hold political power. They have transformed universities into leftist training centers, mass media, Hollywood and social media into Democratic propaganda tools and corporate America into the thought-enforcers of liberal dogma. On the other side of the aisle, Republican leaders spent their time in the majority by handwringing over how to get major media to stop talking bad about them, or how to show everyone they are gracious winners by sharing power with Democrats. They did this by honoring the traditions and checks and balances that ensure minority party representation. It never worked. No matter how much Republican leaders, including President Trump, sought common ground with Democrats, they were portrayed as villainous totalitarians.

Democrats play to win, and take every advantage to lock in their power. We saw this in 2013 when then Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid ended the Senate tradition of a 60-vote requirement for presidential nominees. A move they came to regret – as promised by then Minority Leader Mitch McConnell – and portrayed themselves as victims when Republicans held the Senate majority and President Trump's three Supreme Court nominees were confirmed.

If Republicans were serious about using and preserving their power, they would have taken these threats by the left for massive changes, and countered those changes before the 2020 elections – when they could have been implemented on their own terms.

When Democrats began talk of packing the court when they came back into power, Republicans should have immediately taken them up on their offer to expand the Supreme Court and given President Trump several new SCOTUS seats to fill. When Democrats promised to end the filibuster when they regained power, Republicans should have taken the opportunity to end it themselves and push through every agenda item of the Trump administration. When Democrats and their media began calling for statehood for Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico – and the additional presumptive Senate seats Democrats would reap – Republicans should have taken them at their word and immediately begun initiatives to divide California, Colorado and other states into several new states, increasing GOP Senate seats from those large conservative areas in otherwise Democrat-controlled states. Anything Democrats loudly demanded should have been taken seriously and acted on accordingly.

The Republican establishment, though, is not serious. They do not play to win. They squandered their majorities, joining Democrats in attacking President Trump, believing the Russian collusion hoax, the Ukrainian phone call hoax, the Russian-bounty-on-U.S.-troops hoax and every other "outrage du jour," anonymously sourced conspiracy theory Democrats and major media could manufacture. Until the GOP establishment is purged or sufficiently marginalized, and replaced with candidates and officeholders committed to fighting to win with the same ferocity as Democrats, there will be no point in winning elections – which is another task that will become increasingly impossible if Democrats are successful in ramming through legislation taking elections away from the states and giving that control to the federal government.”

This puts the finger on all the weaknesses of the cuckservative Republicans, who are but a sample of conservatives across the West. Conservatives lack the strength needed to win the big battles, and thus they lose. If an army in a warzone played by their oh so tidy and clean rules, they would be as utterly destroyed as they are now. Of course, there is much more to this story, since it could be argued that this is actually the role of conservatives, given to them by the ultimate Rulers of the Universe. People like Trump become controlled opposition, so the entire political arena is just a play.



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Wednesday, 12 June 2024

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