The Left’s Love of Islam By Peter West

     The Left’s support of Islam, including radical Islam, is now well know. It is therefore not surprising to hear that Jeremy Corbyn said that Islamophobia, the latest form of “racism’ is a major social problem. He said this at the Finsbury Park mosque in north London, where he gave a speech. And he said, not forgetting any one:

““The rise of extremist right-wing groups is a very serious threat not just to Muslims but to all minorities, and in fact to all Britons, and to the interwoven fabric that holds this country together. The way to combat this is to have open and frank dialogue; barring and banning can only breed further hate and division.”

     No comment was made though about the migrant rape gangs, which may have victimised up to one million mostly white British children: 

     In the epicentre of this rape war, Rotherham, groomers are still abusing girls. As before, because of political correctness, authorities move with glacial slowness on this issue: 

     The Left, of course, make no comment about real “inconvenient truths.” It is political correctness all the way to the grave of Western civilisation.



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Friday, 12 July 2024

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