The Left and the Right and the Truth by Betty Luks


Mr. Aitkin’s OnLine article (15 August 2016) which prompted his  “Left and Right in Australian Politics" discussion reminded me of Geoffrey Dobbs’ article titled, “The Left and the Right and the Truth” written many years ago.

He wrote of the confusion many people felt from their own experiences with one or the other of such groups as those of the Left and/or the Right.  He saw it as necessary to go deeper than the surface of politics as seen in the Party contest and to realise that the Left-Right confrontation is itself an essential part of a policy of division and conflict – the policy of revolution. 

The terms Left and Right in the political sense had a revolutionary origin.  Though Mr. Aitkin has recalled its origin stemming from the French Revolution, he forgot to add that while the more enthusiastic vanguard of the revolution were seated on the left, the more cautious and rear-guard were on the right – but all were revolutionaries in that Assembly.   

No one opposed to the revolution – even if left at large – could take any part in the Government , any more than the Tsarists could in the USSR, or a pro-Shah party in Iran or a Conservative/Free Enterprise sympathiser could in Communist China.  
That is what revolutions are about, the total elimination of the Ancient Regime and its traditions, making an impassable gulf with the past.
 Welcome to the 21st century World Revolution Mr. Aitkin.  You can take your pick from among the many, many conflicts now going on around the world, including here within Australia.

Further reading:  "World Revolution" and "The French Revolution" by Nesta Webster



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