The Law of Love

A favourite pastime of having to travel somewhere, is travelling through the countryside, rather than the city to get there.
As we recently drove through the meandering country roads, numerous times we needed to pass bike riders. At times there were double lines in the middle of the road designating crossing the lines was illegal, however the law has changed. Crossing these lines (in a safe manner) is now permitted whilst passing bike riders in order to ensure a safe distance is kept from the rider at all times.

It makes sense to allow a deviation from the existing law in order to ensure safe passage for the bike riders. This is a good example of a law 'for all time and for all men'. It is based on love between the bike rider and other travelling public, with the minimum of inconvenience to both.

This law of love should be the starting point for all laws. I would call it the Canon!

The Canon is The Bridge between God and man
from which The Common Law has been Built




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Thursday, 29 September 2022