The Killing of Cash By James Reed

     This is disturbing. This morning I read that one big supermarket was not taking cash for payments, for fear of the corona bug being on the money, but when I hobbled to the store, that policy was dropped, why, I do not know, perhaps an act of God? Yes, this was never a problem before with poo getting on the money  and they did not care then, but I suppose this is different, eh?

“The coronavirus pandemic has spread to many aspects of life. But one of its early and unexpected impacts seems to be on cash — or, more specifically, cash transactions. Though it does not reference cash specifically, Department of Health advice says the COVID-19 virus can spread through "touching objects that have cough or sneeze droplets from an infected person" on them. So when managers of The Knox cafe, in suburban Canberra, met to discuss how to protect staff and improve hygiene, refusing coins and banknotes was one of their first decisions. "We've stopped using keep cups and we've stopped cash transactions," front-of-house manager Madeleine Clarke said. "Our boss wants us to minimise hand-to-hand interactions and, obviously, cash carries a lot of germs." Peter Barclay, who runs city pub King O'Malleys, has started to ask drinkers to do the same. "Already, very few people use cash in the economy … it's probably 10 to 15 per cent of our patrons," he said. "When they come to the bar, we just say, 'Look, do you have a credit card?'" These cases are not isolated. Merchants across the country are responding to the COVID-19 crisis by avoiding touching money. Others, such as McDonald's restaurants, still accept coins and banknotes, but instruct staff to wear gloves while doing so. A spokesperson for McDonald's said the chain had also advised employees how to give and take coins from customers in a way that minimised contact.”

     I emailed Ian Wilson, who is in social isolation most of the time, even before the plague, to ask whether this refusal to take cash was legal. The answer is not what I wanted to read: even though cash is legal tender, that does not mean that a person in a contract for sale of goods is bound to take cash. It depends upon the terms of the contract. People have the legal liberty still to set these terms, but if there was no essential contractual term ruling out cash, then a case could be made for breach of contract upon refusal to accept cash. Thus, that reported in the MSM is spot on. Cash is under threat. It would be a good idea not to hoard cash, but to have physically useful things; me, I have my collection of tins of baked beans, and thus a ready supply of methane gas to give zing to fires. I simply don’t know enough about gold and silver for these times, but this guy has material is worth thinking about:

     Anyway, keep your eye on this as the elites really want to move to the cashless society for big time social control.
Gasp … what a mess this is!



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Saturday, 02 December 2023

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