The Joy of a Large Family By Mrs Vera West

     With all the terrifying news, how about something old school and wholesome for a change? Not that there is much of this, but the little I find I report, and I would rather be doing this in a better world than my present “day job,” but it is, what it is:

“A mother who's had 10 children in 10 years with her pastor husband, is keen to increase her brood to 12 - just like the couple in the 2003 Steve Martin comedy, Cheaper by The Dozen. Courtney Rogers, 36, who was a virgin bride when she married Chris Rogers, 32, in October 2008, has not been without a baby bump for more than nine months since tying the knot. The couple who live in Santa Fe County, New Mexico, have just one 'date night' away from their children each year. They have six boys and four girls aged between nine months and ten years, all of whom are home-schooled and ferried around their neighborhood in a 15 seater van. The family lives on a 12 acre plot, spending around $1,200 (£975) each month on food. In January the family went on an economy drive in order to save money; they stopped eating out and making fun purchases, because it was costing them well over $1,000 (£812) a month. The children are happy to wear hand-me-down clothes and shoes, and the family shops in the sales to cut costs. Once a year they enjoy a family holiday for a week, camping near relatives in Georgia, 1,500 miles away - which costs them $1,000 (£812) for travel and expenses.”

     And the unusual thing is that the family is white, and of the Nordic/Northern European racial type important to our “brain” Simpson. For you, Brian, for you.



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Saturday, 20 July 2024

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