The Jabs of Death By Brian Simpson

Evidence continues to accumulate that the Covid vaxxes are jabs of death. Former New York Times science reporter Alex Berenson tweeted, before being cancelled, that Covid jabs “are killing people.”  Berenson cites the case of Australia, which has a relatively low Covid death rate before the vax rollout, but had an excess mortality of 17 percent in 2022 above normal. There was a death spike after the boosters were rolled out. “The mRNA Covid ‘vaccines’ (they’re not vaccines, no vaccine lasts two months) are unsafe, ineffective, and should be withdrawn,” Berenson says. “Unsafe. Ineffective. Should be withdrawn.” I concur.

“When it comes to the unsafety and ineffectiveness of Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines,” the data pretty much speaks for itself.

On the very day the mRNA (messenger RNA) shots became available in Australia, for instance, there was a massive – and we mean massive – spike in “covid and non covid excess fatality per week,” a data chart by the same name shows.

Prior to that, excess deaths were much lower from week to week. It was not until Operation Warp Speed was launched that the deaths started rolling in big time.

Former New York Times science reporter Alex Berenson tweeted about this, stating plainly that covid jabs “are killing people, plain and simple.

“Best guess, they lead to about a 10% rise in non-Covid mortality and no reduction in Omicron deaths,” he added.

“This is Australian data, very clean because AUS had ~no Covid before vaccines; deaths are 17% above normal in 2022.”

Excess deaths spiked again after the “boosters” were introduced

Right after the launch of the first round of covid injections, excess deaths appear to have dropped back down for a bit, only to spike once again around the start of 2022.

This is the time when the so-called “booster” shots were introduced, suggesting that these are responsible for another round of excess deaths. Since that time, excess deaths have remained significantly elevated and have not dropped back to baseline.

It is unknown precisely why excess deaths dropped back down to almost baseline following the initial round of shots but has not dropped back down following the introduction of the boosters – but Berenson has his own theories on that.

“… the rise in deaths is higher and lasts longer after the third shot,” he says. “The dose makes the poison, and artificially modified mRNA (in an LNP shell) doesn’t seem to be a product humans tolerate well with repeated exposure.”

It makes sense, does it not?

The only solution to stopping this mass genocide of the global population is to stop jabbing people with these things – but we all know that is unlikely to happen any time soon.

According to Berenson, these are not even real vaccines because no true vaccine only lasts for just a couple months. Whatever these things are, they are providing the immunity promised and appear to be triggering many, many deaths.

“The mRNA Covid ‘vaccines’ (they’re not vaccines, no vaccine lasts two months) are unsafe, ineffective, and should be withdrawn,” Berenson says. “Unsafe. Ineffective. Should be withdrawn.”

Datasets out of Israel show similar spikes in death around all the times when covid injections and their boosters were introduced en masse. At every new release interval, the death counts spiked dramatically.”





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Saturday, 20 July 2024

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