The Industrial Revolution and Elite control By John Steele

     Probably I will be in the minority here, but I am not one to really like technology and a world dominated by machines. Give me the homely self sufficiency of a John Seymour any day:

     In this context I came across a surprising essay by neo-masculinity writer Roosh, arguing that despite all the creature comforts industrialism and scientific progress have given us, it has resulted in more power for the elites:
“The industrial revolution has allowed for two key events:

  1. The control of most economic and human output of the Earth by a relatively tiny group who control the minds and behavior of billions of people.
  2. Explosion in population thanks to advances in agriculture, hygiene, and medicine.

     The result is we have more people controlled by less people. The controllers have the power to essentially drive the face of humanity in a way that could not have been done before the industrial revolution. Globalization, multiculturalism, and socialism are the most efficient and logical ways for the elite to assert control over the planet, and since the dawn of modern banking, they have pushed exactly those ideologies throughout the world.

     The elite have convinced us that we are living in a glorious progressive age, but it’s more glorious for them than it is for us. They give us handouts through their welfare state, cheap electronics, and lax sexual morals while they gain immeasurable power and wealth, in what could be considered the most unfair trade that the common man has ever made. They put five dollars in your pocket while you relinquish your own agency and fabric of your society.”

     I think it could be strongly argued though that the problem is not so much science and technology, but the elites themselves, who would be exerting control whatever system was in place. Obviously, the more technology they have, the more damage they can do. But, humanity’s problem has always been how to defeat the evil ruling class of tyrants who seek to enslave the common man, and establish a rule of freedom. The problem is at crisis point today.


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Tuesday, 16 July 2024

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