The Incredible, Disappearing Nuclear Waste Dump by Uncle Len Who May Not Glow in the Dark After All

Remember the proposal by the South Australian Labor Premier Jay Weatherill to build a facility for holding the world’s high-level nuclear waste, which would, given Murphy’s Law, ultimately kill us all and make Australia into a radioactive multicult, culturally diverse but radioactively green? Yes, that’s what your nightmares have been about. That is the real reason why you, like Uncle Len, have had insomnia, high blood pressure and an aching back.
Now our premier is going for a referendum for the doomsday dump (The Australian, November 15, 2016, p. 7) that is sure to kill us all, did I say that, for a few dollars. The Greens and Aboriginal groups have been strongly opposing this, all in accordance with my grand plan. And opposition leader Steven Marshall has withdrawn his support and opposed the project: God bless you Stevey!

Oh, the referendum requires bipartisanship because Jay thinks there is no point having a referendum if the “No” side is likely to win. That’s the spirit!
So you in the east and west, be thankful that our cash-strapped pollies may not unleash a nuclear holocaust on you. Behind the scenes Uncle Len letter-boxed daily and has even neglected his writing, disappointing his many thousands of fans, who looked forward to his zany style of dark humour, or near-humour, to wash down each week, the bitter news of politics in the age of Spenglerian decadence. What’s that Uncle Len, a literary allusion? How long before you burst into song? Well, talent I may not have, but at least I don’t glow in the dark. For now, at least.



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Sunday, 24 September 2023

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